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10 tips for decorating your home to sell it

If we all agree that first impression can only be made once, then that can emphasize the fact that your home must be quite appealing when you are about to sell it. Well, there might be some certain convictions in your heart, doubting if it will make any difference even if you decide to decorate your home before selling.  Now, put yourself in the position of the buyer and ask yourself if you would have loved to buy a home that is not good to the sight. Without doubt, the process of selling your home can indeed go smoothly if and only if you get everything ready.

Since homes that are properly prepared and appealing to the eyes sell much faster than the reverse, it does not imply that you won’t get your home sold if you are not ready for a big budget. Take your time through these tips to get your home ready for sale.

Arrangement of furniture

The arrangement of your furniture goes a very long way in speaking more about your interior. It is very crucial to have the right scale of furniture that can fit perfectly into a space, as well as the correct balance in respect to the height, weight and width. Properly arrange your furniture by placing them away from the walls; this permits a walking space between the furniture and the wall.

In addition, ensure that the furniture is arranged in a way that creates a conversation area in the living room. In respect to the walls of the space, you can place the biggest piece of furniture along the longest wall in the space or room.

Space Creation

It is not always the best if the look of your interior seems choky. Try as much as possible to create space where necessary. In case you have a kitchen or a dining room next to or adjacent to each other, you can connect the two spaces with the use of colour or decorations, as this can give an illusion of a bigger space.

Space Lighting

Think of how important proper lighting can benefit a room. Without a doubt, potential buyers tend to get thrilled over spaces with good lightings. You may need to think carefully on how you can beautifully illuminate your space(s) either through the use of ambient lightings that give a particular glow to your room or through aesthetic lighting that can give both artistic and natural feel through sunlight or fire. You can have your lightings upgraded with unique lampshades for each room.


Ensure you create a bedroom suitable for male and female use. Make it look clean and free from personal items. You can display a wonderful artwork and make use of neutral clean linen.

Quality but affordable word art

Adding a touch of artistic beauty to your home can go a long way in attracting potential buyers. When you go for quality, ensure it is affordable. In fact, there is no need to spend a fortune, you can get some good quality canvas prints that won’t break the bank. Keep in mind that the art shouldn’t be too bold, but subtle to taste and blend well with your home.

Dining room table

A wide and solitary dining table can look uninviting.  Make it set and as portable, as it can be, you can also place a carpet or rug underneath.

What stays, what goes?

Well, whether you like it or not, buyers might open your closet or cupboards. Just ensure that they are neatly packed as this can even add more space to your home. Don’t show off your whole wardrobe, buyers are not buying that. Let buyers see their own thing, and weed out your closet if they are stuffed.

Make it appealing for people to get attracted

Placing some materials like beautiful wallpapers, artworks and flowers in some certain part of your home can catch the attention of buyers.

Make the outdoor beautiful

Before anyone can have access to your interior space, they first need to come through your outdoor. Remember, the first impression starts from your outdoor

Additional rooms

If you’ve extra rooms in your home, rather than abandoning it and leaving it untidy, you can transform the room into a useful area you think your buyers will be interested in, be it an office, kid’s room, etc.


Potential buyers are always motivated by the first impression of your home. While keeping the interior beautiful, ensure you don’t leave out the exterior and vice versa.