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11 MORE Joint Venture Ideas To Get You Started On The Fast Track To Quick Profits

12. Create a short ebook or report with several affiliate links in it. Give others the right to brand a few of the affiliate links if they agree to give the ebook or report to their subscribers and visitors. That way not only will others make money by giving the ebook or report away, but you will get exposure plus make money off your affiliate links.

13. If you’ve been in Internet marketing for any length of time, you have heard of autoresponders. You and probably others that you know have your autoresponder loaded with messages that promote different products and services. Find someone else that has an autoresponder and offer to place one of their messages in your autoresponder if they’ll place one of yours in their autoresponder.

14. Find someone to co-create an ebook, video or audio product with you. Not only will you both only have to do half the work, but you will both benefit from each other’s promotion of the product also.

15. Offer to review someone’s product if they’ll review yours. You can also both send the review to your own list.

16. Trade product endorsements with others who have product in your market. Kind of like trading testimonials. Just make sure you both truthfully find each others products valuable.

17. Turn your competition into joint venture partners. Find your competition and offer to promote their product (if you find it valuable) if they will promote your product. It takes a certain “touch” to turn your competition into joint venture partners so make sure you present yourself in a very professional way and make sure you make it very worth their while.

18. Create a site that is related to your market that has nothing on it but good quality content about a popular topic in your market. Make sure that you place Google Adsense ads on the site also. You’ll then offer ezine publishers and ad on one of the pages of your site if they’ll mention your site to their subscribers. Make sure they know they’ll benefit by other ezines publishers sending traffic to your site. Their subscribers will be exposed to those ads also. You’ll profit from the earnings you earn by people clicking on your Google Adsense ads.

19. Find big sellers on Ebay that sell products related to yours. Ask them if they would auction your product off for a percentage of the sale price. That way you are using an established big seller on Ebay!

20. Offer a website owner or ezine publisher a good commission for their product and then also offer them a 100% commission for a product on the backend.

21. Find 3 profitable topics related to your market. Create a product for each topic. Now find someone else to do the same thing. Both of you can put your products together and sell them as a package. Then just split the profits.

22. If you have a product that you mail to someone when they order, offer to insert a promotional ad for another business into your product package. Just ask them in return to do the same for your business.

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