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4 Places Where You Can Sell Your Gold For Cash

People are gradually jumping on the bandwagon and selling all their old jewellery, particularly the gold. While some people do this routinely and know their way around, others do not know how to go about selling all that gold. Those who are just doing it for the first time probably want to sell because they have some needs that they want to meet, particularly now that the economy seems to be undergoing a recession.

It is surprising to see the number of adverts that have suddenly started flooding the TV screens and the Radio stations, all telling you that you can make some money by selling gold for cash. What they do not often tell you is that some of these companies are scam agencies and are only looking for ways to take your gold and run.
If you are new to the gold selling business and need a few pointers on places where you can sell your gold for cash, here are a few places.

1. The Internet

As simple as this solution sounds, it is one of the best options. This is because you have the gold in your possession until people finally pay and then you can ship. Selling your gold for cash online is as simple as joining eBay or any other auction site and listing the gold for sale. Ensure that the gold is listed in the right category and have the pictures uploaded so that people can see what they want to buy.

2. Pawn Shops

This place should be your very last resort as the rates in one of these establishments can be really ridiculous. Pawn shops are quite safe as they inspect your gold and pay you immediately. The only downside to pawn shops is that the owner knows that you are in a bind of sorts and that you want to dispose of the jewellery quickly. So, he leans in on your urgency and offers you a pittance for the gold. For example, a gold necklace that is worth 69 US Dollars can attract the rate of 5 US Dollars at a pawn shop.

3. Gold Dealers

These are the guys advertising everyday on your TV and on the Internet, claiming that they can buy your gold for top dollar. Before doing any business with them, it is always better to be sure of their credibility. So, do your research on them and find out if they’re legitimate. A proper way to determine this is to look at what people are saying about them. If the response is largely negative, run with your gold! But if you find a reputable company, by all means do business with them.

4. Gold Selling Parties

These are parties thrown strictly for the purpose of people selling their gold. This parties used to be “gold buying” parties. But because people are in need of every bit of spare change they can get now, it is a good place to get your gold weighed and sold immediately. The beauty of such parties is that you can sip wine and still make money. How cool is that!

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