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5 Facts You Must Know Before Creating Email Newsletters

Effective email marketing calls for the use of email newsletters. HTML email newsletters are being used by several big companies for a direct follow-up marketing. However, there are important factors to consider before planning an actual HTML email newsletter.

Creating an HTML email newsletter is like building a website. It requires a plan. And before jumping into it, you must know some important facts about email marketing. Your email newsletters are not going to serve their function without the right elements and contents. To give you a guide and information, here are some facts which you need to know before creating an email newsletter.

1. Email marketing attains the best possible results with previous customers. Your email newsletter is likely to be read by your previous customer. This type of customers is interested in knowing about your products and services. Unlike with sending emails to unsuspecting individuals who are going to view your email as spam, an audience, who has already experienced the quality of your products and services, is going to be more concerned about what is happening in your company. This audience has a tendency to boost your sales.

2. Your subject line affects your open rate. Coming up with a good subject line is often overlooked by internet marketers. They tend to perfect their content, but give a little attention to the subject line. This is the reason for low open rates for most email marketing campaigns. Internet marketers often forget that subject lines are what the recipients initially read. Be able to create a subject line which is short and simple, but guarantees an accurate and honest description of the content. You also need to stimulate the curiosity of your target audience.

3. Defining your goals specifically can lead you to the correct email marketing strategies. If your goal is to increase your sales by 10%, then keep this goal in mind while creating your email newsletters. The same is true when you want to increase your website traffic or when you want to create a good customer relationship. With these goals in mind, you can make a benchmark for the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy. You can evaluate whether your strategy worked or not.

4. Images in your email newsletters are not necessarily viewed by your recipients. Web email providers nowadays are taking careful measures to avoid spam for their clients. Image blocking is added to their web mail attributes to address to spam problems. Images are not shown by default. The recipient has the decision to view an image or not. So, to make sure that your email serves its purpose, include plain texts in your message. Use plain text for important information such as your headline and links. You may also include a plain text version for your newsletter. And last but not the least, test your email before sending it to your target audience.

5. Use an email marketing software to help you manage sending emails to your audience. An email marketing software can provide you with reports regarding open rates, click rates, forwards, unsubscribing, and conversion rates. This can guide you to a better decision for your email marketing campaign.

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