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5 Great Reasons To Give Your Child A Kids’ Pottery Wheel

A kids pottery wheel is a unique gift that will enhance your child’s skills in many ways that may not always be obvious. This educational toy aids learning in many ways, whilst offering fun and entertainment.

I have listed a few reasons that I have found this toy to be helpful with, but you may discover there are many more.

1) Hand and eye coordination – repeating a process through repetiton and practice helps a child to visualise the end project whillst the hands undertake the manual task. Moulding and throwing the clay makes the hands work and helps to promote dexterity and develop those small muscles. This is great for any children that need to develop fine motor skills. Pottery is a very ‘hands on’ skill that will get your child’s hands working hard. Painting, decorating and manipulating the clay will all work towards strengthening the hand muscles..

2) Healthy Development – These toys that are not only designed for fun but they also help with areas of personal development and provide an alternative path into the world of art. Healthy development encompasses emotional, physical and social aspects of growth and learning.

3) Artistic development – when a child learns to create they also discover their thoughts and feelings as well as how they are able to relate to things. This increases independent thinking which instils confidence in one’s own decision making.

4) Clay for play – once your child realises the versatility of clay they can be creators of anything they choose. The imagination can run wild and they can make anything from jewellery to pots, name plates and more. Creating a pot or vase on a pottery wheel for children will add a new dimension to learning.

5) Concentration and focus – once in the process of creating a pot or any other object on a pottery wheel for kids, a child will have to focus not only on the process but also on the many other skills that are required. Patience, determination and concentration are just a few of the skills they will require to hone and develop .

By creating a healthy environment and activity for your child to play in you will be doing more than giving your child a toy. You will enhance your child’s self-confidence, social, physical and emotional skills.

There are many educational tools about for you and your family to enjoy. TV and computer games can’t compete with some family fun and great entertainment.

Sam Graham is a Child Health Nurse and Mum of 3 children. She has a keen interest in Child Development and Arts and Crafts. The Children she meets on a daily basis as well as her own children inspire her with great ideas for all her projects.