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5 Step To Build Your Own Subscriber List

Anyone who owns an online business must know about this: the subscriber list is the most important thing to an Internet marketer. A list of subscribers is what you need to earn a steady income and the bigger the list, the better it is.

Your list of subscribers is the best source of selling your product to. You can do a lot of things with your list – for example conducting a survey, get ideas for your products, and the greatest reason, where you earn most of your money from.

What should you do if you don’t have a subscriber list? Simply start building one right away, and that is what you will learn through this article.

1. Where do you start?
You need to choose the right autoresponder for yourself. The more reputable paid autoresponders are and Though using a free autoresponder is not encouraged, you can get a descent one at

With an autoresponder, you can collect the emails of your subscribers so that they will be able to receive your newsletters, e-zines, mini course or promotion.

2. Opting in
The most basic requirement of an Internet Marketer is to have a website. You need a website so you can include your autoresponder’s opt-in form, and allow your prospects to subscribe into your list.

Every single visitor that comes to your website is important and you can’t afford to lose any of them. Try to offer an irresistible free bonus to your visitors at a visible place on your website with the condition that they must opt-into your list so that you are allowed to send them the free products.

It can be an e-book, a newsletter, an e-zine or just a mini course. If you are selling an informational digital product like an e-book, it is a good choice to offer few chapters of excerpts from your product as a free gift.

3. Using a double opt-in for safety
It is important that you use an autoresponder with the double opt-in feature. Many of times if you do not have this feature, you’ll be easily shut down for “spamming”. This is a result from people who has forgotten that they subscribed to your newsletter and reported that you have spammed, or someone else had inserted another person’s email into your opt-in box.

Using a double opt-in ensures that you get targeted subscribers as well, which means people who are interested in receiving your newsletter.

4. Contacting your subscribers
You must continue in following up with your subscribers once they are in your list. Put up an autoresponder series of newsletter, e-zine or mini course, when it is the right time you can promote your product etc. This way, you make sure you are in close relationship with your subscribers and that they can trust you more, and trust can turn you more profits.

5. Personalize your email
It is proven again and again that personalized emails are the best way of approaching your leads. If your messages can start up with “Dear Bob,” “Dear Sam,” not only can it increase your credibility and response you can sound more personalized – like speaking one on one and people like that.

To do this, you need to have a good autoresponder which allows you to do it by using services from,, or

There you go with your own subscriber list, once you have completed all these 5 steps you’re ready to go get more and more subscribers and build your castle online.

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