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6 Steps to Perfect Interview Follow Up

If you’re like most folks, you probably think that your work is done once you’ve aced the interview. Well, although the hard part is indeed over, your work is not done. In fact, it is only just beginning. So, this is not the time to sit back and wait for the offer to come through. Instead you have to make your future employer want to hire you. In essence, you have to cinch the deal. In this article, we’ll discuss certain things that you can do to follow up after the interview.

* At the end of the interview, thank your interviewer for taking the time to meet with you and inquire as to when a hiring decision will be made. After all, you certainly don’t want to be sitting around wondering when you’ll get a call back. If you know that a decision will be made within 2-3 weeks, you can be prepared.

* Obtain the correct names and designations of all the interviewers so that you can send all of them a thank you/follow up note.

* Make sure that you actually sit down and write out a personalized note to each one of the people that interviewed you. If possible, try not to duplicate the letter and customize each one highlighting why you believe that you are most qualified for the position.

* Proofread your thank you/follow up letter and make sure there are no typing errors in your Thank You notes.

* Contact your references and inform them that they may receive a call from your prospective employer.

* After about 10 days or so, contact the interviewer to see if a decision has been made. By all means, do not appear desperate. Simply state that you’re still interested in the position and are just following up. If you are asked to call back later, please do so.

In conclusion, there are many things that you can do to follow up after an interview. By writing a personalized thank you/follow up letter, contacting references and contacting the interviewer by phone, you’ll clearly indicate that you are serious about the position and that you’re the best and most qualified candidate.

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