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A New Iphone Edition Is Coming Before Christmas

People around the world consider the new Iphone and imagine that it is a nice device. Some of them cannot afford to buy such an excellent mobile phone. The pricing is expensive for many and that is why many only wish such a machine for Xmas.

For this holiday season all people could possibly get their dream come true. Apple has announced the introduction of a new edition of the Iphone 4. The modern device will have one small storage space of 8GB. This will not limit the further functions of the gadget. This decision was made to save some money and to decrease the price on the market. The rest of the cell phone deals will not be in a position to compete with the modern Iphone.

The brand-new 8GB Iphone was created to combat some direct business competitors. The main rivals are Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation. The all new cell phone deals will allow users to rent an Iphone from 25$ per 30 days. This means that all buyers could own an Iphone for the holidays and then return it to the buyer or seller. By renting a machine like this one you may experience the full advantages of owning an Iphone. It will be easy to make pictures and film videos by using the smart video camera that is built in the product. Also, you can use the iStore to purchase some cool apps for your current device and to see how they perform on a state of the art smart phone.

The rentals for the Iphone will start in the month of December and you will be able to make use of this offer for many months to come. I do believe that there are a lot of advantages of renting a mobile phone. For one, you can change your device often. If you get bored by your current mobile phone you can change it with another every month. This is a huge advantage if you notice that the current cellphone does not perform adequately.

It is revealed that the 8GB version will replace all the other Iphone 4 versions with larger memory. This is designed to boost the sales of the more recent and most expensive model known as 4S. The big storage space will be available simply for the newer version, all the older versions will be sold with limited storage space. Apple made a big decision by limiting the storage space of their products. This could work against them in the future!

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