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Accent your Media Room with Music

If you have a media room in your home, or if you simply love music enough to design a room around it, then you may want to think about using musical wall decor to create a really special room design. Whether you play a musical instrument or simply enjoy listening to good music, you can surround yourself with musical elements in your own musical design.

Pick a Musical Style

There are many different ways that you can go with your musical theme. You can mimic the design style of the Hard Rock Cafe by hanging framed posters of your favorite Broadway shows or even of your favorite movies to give the room that Hollywood vibe.

Then choose a color that is bold and unifies the artwork to use as your gallery wall background. You can find authentic autographed posters online, along with photos of artists. You may have a collection of your favorite album covers, which can be turned into a unique framed display as a grouping on a wall. You can also find metal wall art in the shape of musical instruments and musical notes. You may even wish to frame some of your favorite sheet music and hang it around the room.

Create a Theme

1. If your media room is set up as a studio area, then you can hang musical accents on your walls that inspire you. You may wish to tuck a baby grand in the corner and dramatically light it with colored spotlights. Above it you can hang a piece of black metal wall art depicting a musical staff and notes. Musical scores framed in simple black frames grouped on the wall behind the piano, and an elegant, crystal candelabra sitting on the piano would complete the corner.

2. If you have a music room for your children, then you can line the walls with photos from their performances or band events. Frame the photos in brightly colored frames and hang them as a giant collage to cover the entire wall. You can mount medals and ribbons won at competitions to hang among the photographs, and you may even want to hang the original band instruments on the wall. Mounting an instrument on the wall can also be a great way to store the instrument in between uses. That way it is always handy for practice.

3. To continue the collage theme, you can make a collage of your favorite movies or music. You can choose a single artist and build a collage over their career. For example, if you were to choose Elvis Presley as your artist you could include the very young Elvis along with photos of the Las Vegas Elvis and everything in between.

Then you may want to round out your collage with artwork from album or CD covers and any ticket stubs from concerts or movies that you may have attended. As you are building your collage, think as if you were scrapbooking: Add any interesting element to the pictures that you can find. Matchbook covers from a Vegas hotel, a lucky casino chip or even an old pair of blue suede shoes can make this collage highly personal and unique.

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