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Adidas’ Competition with Other Sports Brands in the 2012 London Olympic Games Is Passive

With the total investment of 100 million pounds, the multinational sports giant Adidas becomes one of the biggest sponsors of the 2012 London Olympics. But as the largest sponsor of London Olympics, Adidas’s factories in Cambodia was found to be “sweatshop”, the workers earned only $15 a week.

And then, Adidas refused to positively explain the problem. When asked about a serious questions about the specific money and expected rewards of the Olympics by the reporters from , the relevant respondents in Adidas PRD just admitted that “The Olympic Games is promotion strategy in promoting Adidas, which is the best opportunity for Adidas to show its essence in this Important competition – to help the players to show their bet side in rivaling.” Which didn’t tell the truth but prevaricated the press.

As the reporters from Investors recognized, this large sports brand which has about decades of sponsorship with Olympics once suffered a lot in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games when it was in the high morale, finally ended up with the torture of inventory.

Back to this year’s London Olympics, the situation was so similar. Adidas still chooses the official channels, according to its responsible officers introduced to the reporters of the Investors, not only does Adidas provides equipments for all of the British’s, but also it is the official partner of another 10 countries’ Olympic committees including Australia, France, Germany, it totally sponsors 25 for all of the 26 sports items in the Olympic Games. But Nike is still “too stingy to pull out a hair” on the International Olympic Committee and the London Olympic Organizing Committee, which focuses more on the Olympic stars and advertisement.

“In 2008, Adidas is going to become the largest sports brand in China; in 2010, Adidas is going to become Asia’s largest sports brand.” We still remember the release of heroic utterance by Herbert Heiner, the chief and CEO of Adidas Group said in an interview the night before 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Yet the evidence of the later fact shows that Adidas didn’t win the champion of domestic market as previously expected, not only was Li Ning surpassed it, some other brands like Anta, Peak, and XTEP also show obvious advantages over it by their increasing trend.

“Situation in this year is different from that of the Beijing Olympic Games, but Adidas still face risk in the London Olympic Games since it has been growing at the single digit and the European audiences don’t hold a higher passion than 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, it’s difficult to summon up their enthusiasm in such competition permanently towards purchasing; what’s more, the European economic is at a slump, the Olympic marketing may bring lower profits for Adidas than before.” Said Zhang Qing, in the interview by reporters of the Investors.

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