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Advantages of Address Verification in Shipping

Anytime courier software has a feature which is going to save you money, it is something that you should be happy about. In fact, all other factors being equal, the courier dispatch software that a company has in place can be one of the criteria that you use to help yourself choose between available couriers. When using that as a decision making factor, you’re going to base your decision on the features that the available software presents to you. One feature that you should weigh heavily, because of its ability to save you money in the long run, is that of address verification.

Address verification is important because it helps to prevent one of the most common mistakes made when people are dealing with a courier company. This is the mistake of getting the shipping address wrong on a package that you are sending out. This happens all the time, and each time it does, it costs the company that is shipping that package a fee. Almost every courier company in business today will charge a fee if the shipping address is incorrect.

Address verification is a tool which can help you avoid many of the errors that you might make when specifying a shipping address. When you place orders in the online order entry system that your courier provides to you, the shipping address that you enter should automatically be subjected to the address verification.

Once that address has been subject to the verification software, it will become flagged if it is not a valid US address. Most of the time, when a mistake is made with an address due to a typo or to someone mishearing part of an address, it will create a conflict which will show up as a non valid US address. While this doesn’t catch every single mistake, it weeds out enough of them to make this a very useful feature to be included in high quality courier software.

Address verification is something that you should always insist that your courier company has in place. Although it is a measure to prevent your mistakes, the truth is that it can also help prevent mistakes which are made by the courier company. For instance, if you submit an order request by telephone or fax, the courier company is going to have to enter the information into their system manually. A typo by a dispatcher could cause the same problem described earlier, and once again, address verification could catch it.

Calvin Couris is a consultant for dispatch software and dispatching software companies as well as international courier service businesses.