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Advantages of Purchasing Articulating TV Mounts

Articulating TV wall mounts offer great convenience, comfort, and can enhance your viewing experience by allowing you to adjust the angle of your TV anytime, according to your personal preference.

At present, numerous manufacturers offer competitive and modern articulating wall mount solutions, so there are many attractive options to choose from. In the next section of this article, we will cover some of the main features of such devices, while also having a look at their advantages and disadvantages.

Articulating TV mounts are primarily classified based on size and weight considerations, but also according to the range of motion that they allow. Before selecting a flexible TV wall bracket model, check out its list of technical specifications to make sure it fits the size of your TV and that it can hold its weight.

Ideally, articulated TV mounts should allow both a swiveling and a tilting motion, to give users absolute freedom when adjusting the angle of view for their TV. Wall mounts allowing for increased flexibility and range of motion are usually more expensive, so ask yourself if you really need these extra features before opting for such a device. Sometimes a TV wall bracket that can be rotated in one or two directions may be all you need, and going with that will also help reduce the costs attached.

Moreover, you should account for the fact that not all locations require the same TV mount features. For instance, in rooms like bedrooms or kitchens, you may have the option to mount your TV higher than usual, but to achieve that, your TV wall bracket should allow for an increased range of tilting in compensation to the extra mounting height.

Swivel-motion mounts allow a clockwise/ anticlockwise movement, while a tilt-motion TV wall bracket will restrict you to an up and down motion along its horizontal axis. Since articulated TV mounts are designed to allow for both these movements, they stand out as a versatile and adaptable solution, but with the associated drawback of a higher cost.

With all types of available TV mounts, one thing is for certain – by suspending your TV on the wall, you will be able to save more space and to get rid of your outdated, bulky, floor-seated stand. While under most circumstances a regular TV wall bracket may be sufficient, if your aim is to find great convenience and adaptability, then you should definitely opt for the extra features of an articulating TV mount. With the help of such devices you can position your TV on virtually any flat and solid support surface, including the ceiling or the upper corners of a room.

Sometimes you have to be very resourceful if you want to save space, and in such situations, articulating TV mounts can come in very handy. Since they offer the perfect mix between flexibility and practicability, and for the fact that they instill a modern feel and elegant look to any interior, articulating TV mounts shine through as some of the best specialty solutions in the market. Even though they don’t come very cheap, rest assured that they offer the best value for money.

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