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Affordable Housing – Suits Your Pocket

Many affordable housing associations have erupted of late, thanks to the demand for affordable housing. The Government has imposed strict rules and regulations on the builders, and these property builders have no other option but to set aside some of these properties under affordable housing schemes. The property can be disposed of to first time buyers, and can even be rented out to interested parties by these housing associations.

The property market is undergoing a boom time over the last few years. Ownership homes are greatly in demand and everyone wants to own a home. A variety of new developments related to housing have also made their appearance. Newly constructed houses are being sold at reasonable prices so as to attract new business. Budget homes are the new concept in the property business, thanks to the housing requirements. Many of these economical housing schemes are supported by the government and are sold out to tenants, key workers and so on. First time purchasers can buy homes from the open market and tie up with a mortgage company to obtain a home loan.

Housing associations also offer rental options for people keen on staying in rented homes. This depends on the budget of the tenant. Tenants who are able to stretch their budget and can afford paying rents that are at the current market value have a greater choice and selection when it comes to rented homes. These rental homes are also situated at good and desirable locations, and well connected with transport facilities. They are thus a good affordable housing option.

Just to reiterate, housing associations provide economical housing to moderate income individuals. These associations also provide other options wherein the tenant can choose to make an initial payment of twenty five percent of the property price for a part of the property and buy the remaining share once their economic situation improves. This facility is of great convenience to the first time buyer.

There are many real estate property owners who intend selling off resale property and then getting in touch with the housing associations. Depending on the property type and size of the property, the prices are decided by the housing association in consultation with the property owner.

The concept of kit homes is well appreciated and admired by buyers. Small homes are easy to manage, and also economical. Decisions on buying these homes are simpler and uncomplicated. There is saving of valuable time, money and energy, as the project is a small one and can be easily managed. Real estate owners can get hold of a skilled and experienced construction crew for building such a type of property.

These kit homes are economical, thanks to the few changes in the design of them. It eliminates the need for the appointment of professional architects while erecting these homes, as the detailed guidebook helps in their construction. Last but not least, the smaller the home, the easier is the maintenance and less is the financial burden.

Gallions housing Association offers affordable housing in London and the South East. Find out more about our affordable housing scheme today.