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Alternative Medicine for Back Pain

There are many alternative medicines for back pain that are proven effective. The most common types of these medicines can be found in herbs. Unlike traditional prescribed medicines, herbs have very little if no side effects. The side effects that are associated with these herbs are positive and healthy and are known to work just as well as prescribed medications or pain killers. Some of these herbs can be combined with other herbs that formulate a powerful alternative medicine for back pain. Some combinations of herbs can address more than one complication at a time such as tension, muscle spasm and stress. Herbs like Willow Bark, St. Johns Wort and Cramp Bark can all be combined to address any number of symptoms at once.

Other specific herbs like Chamomile tea help release muscle tension and are used to treat muscle spasms. Anti-inflammatory herbs such as St. Johns Wort can also be used as an alternative medicine for back pain when drunk in tea form. Many people who suffer from back pain experience inflammatory problems that could make back pain more serious. A surprising pain reliever can be found in cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper can be found in many powerful prescribed medications and pain killers. This is due to the fact that cayenne pepper contains Capsaicin which is known as a powerful chemical that helps relieve pain.

Ginger root and Rosemary tea have been used for thousands of years to treat back pain. Both of these act as an alternative medicine for back pain because they both have aspirin like traits. Ginger and Rosemary both contain agents of anti-inflammatory substances that help treat patients suffering from back pain.

Another alternative medicine for back pain can be found in Cramp Bark and Black Haw. These two herbs specialize in relieving muscle spasms and contain certain levels of esouletin and scopoletin. These two natural chemicals have muscle relaxing agents that are proven to help treat back pain. Willow bark is another herb that contains pain relieving agents such as salicin that is proven effective against back pain. Combining these herbs can formulate powerful medicine that helps people who are suffering from back pain. Herbs are used for a variety of health conditions and have been available for thousands of years. They stand the test of time as powerful alternative medicine for back pain and many other health conditions people may be suffering from.

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