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Aluminum CD Storage Cases

Aluminum CD storage cases are starting to enter the market and sooner or later they too will replace leather and faux leather CD cases. The reason for the change is obvious: aluminum CD storage cases are cheaper and more resistant. People who invest in having an aluminum CD storage case know that they are getting a product that will not disintegrate easily over time and they get this at almost half the price of traditional CD cases. There are basically two types of Aluminum CD storage cases that are being offered on the market: aluminum CD storage cabinet and portable aluminum CD cases. The featuresoif each are described below and the benefits of each product as well.

Aluminum CD storage cabinet.

The aluminum CD storage cabinet can be placed in just about any where in your house and it blends in naturally with decorations and furniture. This special type of aluminum CD storage area is perfect for those that have many CDs and do not have the necessary space to store them. An additional advantage with this product is that it is easy to use and CDs can be easily organized and labeled according to type of song and singer. The aluminum storage cabinet functions in the same way as a filing cabinet, but is smaller in size. Most aluminum CD storage cabinet come with drawers that glide out for easy access and maneuver. It is not fixed to one particular area and can be easily taken from one place to the next making transportation easier. It you are thinking about getting an aluminum CD storage cabinet DO look for ones that have chrome at the corners and are made from resistant aluminum.

Portable Aluminum CD cases

The portable aluminum CD storage cases are perfect for someone that is looking for a discreet product that is not expensive. They usually come with CD slots that allow users to place enough CDs for travel and entertainment purposes. The advantage with portable aluminum storage CD cases is that they are easily taken from one place to the next and are not heavy to take around. In addition to this the exterior case is made from aluminum making this product long lasting and resistant to daily wear and tear. Whether for personal use of as a gift item, portable aluminum CD storage cases are perfect for any occasion.

Which To Choose?

The type of aluminum CD storage case that you take home will depend on your immediate needs. Someone that does not have a lot of CD will not need an aluminum CD storage cabinet. However, someone that is in the music industry or who enjoys collecting CDs from different singers will benefits from an aluminum CD storage cabinet. On the other hand, portable aluminum CD storage cases are excellent for both professional and personal use. They may not hold as many CDs as the aluminum CD storage cabinet, but they are a smart way of remaining organized with CDs and DVDs.

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