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Am I Supposed to Get My Courier Driver Insured?

Insurance is always a worry when dealing with courier companies. No one wants to have to deal with the stress of imaging their goods being on the road in an uninsured vehicle, so it is normal to want to be reassured about the state of insurance on your goods before they are shipped. If you’re using a courier service in Chicago to move your products for you though, you shouldn’t actually need to buy additional insurance for your driver in most cases.

Your courier company should be the one responsible for the insurance that your driver is going to have in most cases. In fact, there should be several different types of insurance in place on a given driver when they are moving cargo for you. First of all, the courier company or the driver themselves, depending on the business model, is going to be responsible for all vehicle and personal insurance. Most of the time, this will be the maximum they are able to buy, due to the higher likelihood of being in an accident when a vehicle is on the road for that many hours out of the day.

The other type of insurance that your courier company is going to have in place is going to be the actual courier insurance. This is the policy which actually insures the goods that they are carrying for their customers. These insurance policies cover almost every eventuality that a package might encounter, and offer a very comprehensive protection.

Courier insurance should mean that you’re covered for every major type of event which might cause damage to your package. Anything which causes physical damage, like a traffic accident or the courier dropping the package is going to be included. So are any events which result in a missing package, such as theft, incorrect delivery, or simply losing the package. Many courier companies will also have additional bonding so that you are protected against any theft which is initiated or enabled by an employee.

If you ship high value goods, you may be among the small majority of people that are in a position where buying additional insurance for your courier may be a wide idea. Typically, this situation happens when you’re shipping goods which are worth much more than the maximum coverage that the courier has in place. If you ship high value goods, it can be worthwhile to find out what the maximum coverage provided is.

Norman Packwell is a consultant for Chicago courier and chicago il delivery companies as well as national courier service businesses.