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An Overview of your Cell Phone Tower Lease

If you have been approached by a representative of a wireless company about turning part of your property into a cell phone tower lease site, you need to keep several things in mind to make sure that you come out successful. Most of all, it is important for everyone involved in any lease negotiations that may take place that the contract and the situation that is agreed upon is supposed to be beneficial for both parties, the land owner and the wireless carrier or operator.

Operators need some flexibility in terms when it comes to a cell phone tower lease, simply because as technology changes in the wireless industry, the companies have to change too to keep up with competition. There are certain things that land owners are entitled to require during negotiations for a cell tower lease site, and there are also some things that the wireless operators have the right to request. While the company is trying to secure land to build their towers, land owners are trying to secure a rental income for use of their land. There are companies who employ vertical real estate agents are able to mediate between parties in order to both secure land for operators and secure income for land owners.

It is important that land owners realize that the professionals who work for these companies help wireless phone carriers with anticipating volatility that happens with technology; it is ever changing and ever improving. A good company will operate with a commitment to building a healthy, trusting relationship with people on both sides of the negotiation table. They make sure that land owners like yourself are offered as many benefits and advantages as possible while still optimizing the use of the land for those cell phone companies while staying within the bounds of the cell phone tower lease.

There are millions of cell phone towers that have been put up across the United States, and every piece of land is owned by a private owner who has entered into a lease agreement with the wireless cell phone carriers as a cell tower lease site. Land owners are able to use the income they receive from these leases for anything they need it for, whether it be to pay down bills, to improve their properties or for investment purposes. Programs are used to provide financial security to these land owners by guaranteeing provisions. The companies work with participants in ways that secure the value of these cell phone tower lease agreements for cell tower sites.

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