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Answer THIS Quick or You’ll Lose Money

Imagine my excitement.

I had just signed up for an online advertising service that promised to drive a number of eager eyeballs to my new website.

I dutifully paid the monthly subscription fee through PayPal and followed the instructions the vendor gave on his Thank You Page to have him activate my account. I sent the email to the specific address he gave and I waited for a response.

And I waited.

And waited.

Uh oh. I got the dreaded MAILER DAEMON notice.

I sent my message out again to his administrative email address explaining that I was emailing him there because the original email had bounced back-unread.

I figured it must be that he’s busy and hasn’t had time to check all of his emails yet. I understand how busy things can get. Orders and inquiries pile up when you have a popular product or service. I was sure he was slogging his way through, but just hadn’t cleared his inbox.

So, I thought for sure I’d hear back from him if I sent my message to his alternative email. The one where he handles all of his administrative business.

Again, I waited.

And waited.

Finally, that message too bounced back-unread.

My excitement turned into disappointment.

Instead of participating in a cool advertising campaign, I was left with nothing but empty promises. Once I decided that things weren’t going to get any better, I reluctantly canceled my subscription.

The next thing I did was file a complaint with PayPal.

Because it takes 30 days for PayPal to investigate a complaint, as of this writing, I still don’t know if I’ll get my initial investment back, but I think there’s a 100% chance I’ll be reimbursed.

Good luck, PayPal getting a hold of this guy.

What a Dufus. He had me sold. I was excited to plunk down a monthly fee for his service. Instead, he blew it by not providing a PAYING CUSTOMER with even a small amount of courtesy by sending out an automated response.

I dunno. I just don’t get it. Maybe he has all the money he’s ever going to need, so no need to bother with those new people trusting that he’ll deliver the service he advertises. So what, if we spend our hard earned money on a service which he’s no longer interested in providing.

The worst part was that he NEVER ANSWERED his email. As far as I know, he never even knew I existed as a customer. I’m sure he’ll find out eventually when he reads his PayPal statement or (hopefully) gets his account shut down.

Let this be a lesson to anyone out there who sells products or services online that requires customer contact.

If you’re overwhelmed with orders, then set up an automated system.

If you no longer wish to be bothered providing customer service or having any kind of customer contact whatsoever, then please be responsible enough to take your order page down or shut down your payment processing account.

And most important of all: ANSWER YOUR EMAIL!

You’ll avoid being seen as a jerk who has ripped someone off because you’re too lazy or inconsiderate to conduct your business in a professional manner.

Oh yeah.

And you won’t have someone like me telling the world about how incompetent you are.

© Donna Monday
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