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Apartments for Rent in Davis: What Should College Students Look for in an Apartment?

Congratulations! Youve graduated from high school and now you are headed to college in Davis, but youd rather live off campus where you can have a bit more independence and freedom. So what should you look for in apartments for rent in Davis? Here are a few ideas to get you started on your journey into apartment hunting.

Low Rent, But High Standards

The first thing you need to do is work out a budget. How much money will you have for rent each month? You dont want to rent an apartment that is above your budget, but having a roommate will help alleviate the costs if you do. Grab an apartment classified magazine or the Sacramento Bee Classifieds section. Go through and circle the apartments for rent in Davis that fall in your price range.

The next thing you should consider when looking for apartments for rent in Davis is what will that price get you? If your rent is low, chances are that youre not getting much of a deal with the apartment, but there are some places that offer Davis students discounts without making you sacrifice comfort. Any of the apartments for rent in Davis you look at should offer tenants a clean, comfortable living space free of pests and other nasty things. No, low rent doesnt mean you should have to settle for the worst of the apartments for rent in Davis, just be picky. Its your money.

Amenities and Access

Apartments for rent in Davis should have at least a few amenities. A few of these amenities include: swimming pool, Laundromat or in apartment washer and dryer, playgrounds, security, landscaped lawns, fitness centers, and interior amenities like marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, tile flooring and walk in closets. All of the newer apartments for rent in Davis offer their tenants newly built and totally luxurious rental or lease units.

Apartments for rent in Davis should have easy access to the public transit system, local markets and retailers, and UC Davis. It wouldnt be wise to rent an apartment so far away from everything that it takes you hours to get to class, work or your friends house. Easy access is the name of the game when youre in college dont make things harder on yourself by renting far away just because it might be cheaper.

With a few of these renting tips, finding apartments for rent in Davis can be easy, and you may find one quickly. Be sure to find a place to stay before the school year starts or youll be stuck camping out on the Quad.

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