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Approaches To Personalize Your Xbox 360 Console

So now that you have joined the ranks of Xbox 360 ownership, there are a few things that you should do to customize your Xbox 360 and make it officially yours. Customizing our Xbox 360 is like creating a version of you. This virtual you is referred to as your avatar. Once you create your avatar, they will always be your first point of contact anytime you turn on your Xbox 360 console and they will represent you when you are chatting or playing certain games online.

You can learn how to burn xbox 360 games and place all of your music, movies, pictures and videos onto your Xbox. Music can also be transferred or played directly from you mp3 player to your Xbox 360 as well. It’s a great way to entertain company or have a jam session while you are playing you games.

Your Xbox 360 has a hard drive that allows you to download xbox 360 games, music, and other files to that hard drive. That way you don’t have to keep up with any game discs and don’t have to worry about any game damage as well.

Owning an Xbox 360 is a great way to save on purchasing movies. You can purchase movies online and there are over fifteen thousand in HD quality for your enjoyment. You can some of those movies for about 5 dollars by download.

You can keep in touch with friends and family all over the world with your Xbox 360. All you need is your MSN messenger, a cam or your Xbox 360 headset. You can play your games, watch a movie and listen to music all while chatting on your Xbox 360.

Xbox Live has a marketplace that lets all Xbox live member stay on top of the latest news and special promotions. You can watch movies trailers, music videos, and play free game trials without having to pay anything extra and you don’t have to use your points.

You can have a get together without ever leaving your home. You can invite all your buddies who have an Xbox live account for a party and you can hang out. It’s a great way to hang out with people who are in different states and countries.

You can play traditional classics such as UNO and Pac man as much as you want. You can test new games produced by game makers from all over the world.You can give feedback and help shape the development of new games before they are available to the public.

You can join several of the clubs online such as the film club for aspiring film producers. It’s a great way to network.

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