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Aspire to Buy Authentic 2012 Nike SB Dunks? Attention Please

Want to skateboard? Choose Nike SB! That is cool. Skateboard game in TV show is my favorite. Because they are so cool, dangerous as well as difficult. Playing skateboard with Nike SB shoes on my feet is my dream. Hence, in order to achieve my dream, I bought a skateboard, and the most popular shoes, i.e. Nike SB shoes. Before, you could buy a pair of Nike SB dunk shoes from authorized retailers with less than $100; However, as time goes, the demand has been too much, and this promotes the price of these shoes rise to a high level, that is, now you should pay more than $1000 for a pair of Nike SB Dunks. According to the ads, the Nike SB shoes should be rather comfortable, but when I wear my Nike SB shoes, I don’t have the same feeling. This makes me very annoyed. Then I was told that I have got a pair of fake shoes on online stores. How terrible it is! I paid 1oo dollars for them. That money could have bought a pair of genuine Nike SB Dunks. In order to make judge the genuineness of them, I get some information on internet.
First, check the box of the Nike SB Dunks. As to the first and second series of Nike SB Dunks; they are endowed with an orange box. Shoes of the third series are equipped with a silver box together with a green label. And there are also other matches like a sliver box with an orange label, a pink box together with a black label or an orange label, and if the box is in black or purple, then the label is required to be in black. If the boxes of the Nike SB Dunks don’t come in the above situations, then these shoes may be counterfeits.
Then you can remove the shoes from the box. Normally, there should be a clear plastic bag in which the shoes are put in. The bag is resalable, and in it, you can find spare laces for the Nike SB Dunks. If the height of the bag is 13.5 cm and the width is 7.5 cm, then the bag is authentic.
The next step is to check the spare shoelaces in the bag. As to these spare shoelaces, their color should be different from that of those on the Nike SB Dunks.
The following step is to look and feel the tongue of the Nike SB Dunks. If the Nike SB Dunks are authentic, then their tongues should be thick, and they should come in curved “V” or “U” shape. But as to the counterfeits, their tongues are flat as well as square.
The fifth step is to check the “NIKE” inlaid in the back of the shoes. These letters of the authentic shoes are often thick.
Now, examine the trademark “swoosh” on the shoes. If the shoes are counterfeit, their “swoosh” would be obviously thin or thick.
The last step is to turn the shoes over and examine the soles. You can find “NIKE” and the registered trademark sign “swoosh” on the soles of authentic Nike SB shoes.
As to Nike SB Dunks, they are not exactly the same with Nike Dunks. You should bear this in mind. Don’t believe the seller who tells you that general Nike Dunks are also Nike SB Dunks. They just want to earn your money.

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