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Athletic and Sports Field Lighting Fixtures Feature Many Advanced Options

Athletic and sports lighting fixtures are customized to match the parameters of a specific play environment. Factors such as wind speeds determine the height of lighting poles. Fixture material build is often based on high salt air content. In areas where lighting pollution is strictly regulated by local ordinances, high cutoff fixtures are used to eliminate light trespass. For clients overseas, different ballasts are used to operate fixtures on electrical grids that differ from those in the United States.

The key to finding the best lights for baseball lies in selecting optics and advanced reflectors that increase lumens per watt output. Smaller organizations on tight budgets can get more light out of each dollar they spend. The energy efficiency of these fixtures also makes it more affordable for smaller organizations to enjoy the game at lower costs.

Athletic and sport lighting fixtures for softball feature advanced anodized reflectors with 2, 4, 5, or 6 optic measurements. These reflectors increase lumens per watt output and allow clients on tight budgets to get the most out of the equipment they can afford to purchase. In many instances, for example, a softball field can be lit with only 400W fixtures placed at optimal locations

Metal Halide lights for basketball courts range typically feature 400W and 1000W lamps; forward die cast fixtures, Davit style mounting brackets, and mounting hardware and base cover. RLDD Commercial Lighting designers can customize this equipment to make any, half-sized, and full-size basketball court look like a professional court.

Athletic and sports arena lights for rodeo and equestrian centers are made with a powder coated die cast housing, a formed aluminum lid, and feature 400W and 1000W MH lamps. Fixtures are also full cutoff in design and feature tempered flat glass lenses and clamp band glare shielding.

Football lighting fixtures have lamps made of tempered glass and mount on poles with 2, 3, or 4 light angle cross arm bars. This allows for the high level of customization that is always needed for football field lighting.

Golf course and driving range lights feature Solite-tempered, impact resistant glass and halogen lamps. Bulb life is typically 10,000 hours so replacement costs are minimized.

Correct pole height is essential to soccer field lighting. Custom poles are available that will allow clients to mount athletic and sport field lighting fixtures at any necessary height. Wind speeds, field dimensions, the size of the property that surrounds the field, and the light regulations of the neighborhood will all be considered when customizing the system.

Any size pool used for training or professional competition can be lit with both external lights and underwater lights.

Athletic and sports field lighting for tennis court lighting kits are designed to create optimal foot candle levels and superb color rendering. A wide spectrum of optical systems and advanced reflectors keep the light centered in the court and avoid light pollution.

Various types of poles allows for precise positioning of tennis lights to allow you to clearly see both the court and the ball in play. Full compliance with United States Tennis Court and Track Building Association is guaranteed.

Fixtures for volleyball courts feature high-pressure sodium lamps that shed superb illumination on courts and deter insects from flying around the court.

GSA Outdoor Lighting offers energy efficient parking lot lights and sports field lighting products.