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Avenues For Access And Protection Works Within A Datacentre

Currently, technology has become a very vital feature in life and business. In a majority of procedures that we perform there is some type of digitalization Most businesses, government departments, organizations, institutions and even individuals now have some sort of web presence. The outcome of increasing internet and web presence is equivalent to the rise in the need for security. Data centers are the central parts that keep the internet going on that’s why they ought to be entirely secure all the time from malicious and accidental compromise. This requires well defined policies that relate to access and security for each data center facility. The sensitivity of whatever is being hosted makes some data centers have higher security levels than others.

Government departments and agency data centers will for obvious reasons have the highest security standards. They happen to hold very sensitive information that should not be compromised under any circumstances. One of the data centers that ought to have the top most security in the private industry is the one the offers collocation. This is because they not only need to protect the valuable client data hosted there but have an extra responsibility of securing client hardware.

The management of security and accessibility of the data center begins with the construction and design. The data center must be built using strong materials that will resist destruction from various sources and causes. You should begin with the structural strength of the building that will house the data center.

The other consideration after acquiring a safe house is control of the entry. The data center should only be available to authorized individuals only and in particular where collocation services are provided. 24 hour security surveillance and biometric access control systems are some of the popular options used to control access in the data centers. Even customers of the server colocation data center will need approval before being let in.

It is also important to ensure that the authorization to access the data center is always done through a structured process that leaves no room for manipulation. Having a number of authorization procedures will give chance to deception and exploitation. A clear chain of command must be known to all and must be adhered to at all times. Visits by individuals who are merely curious are not allowed and the same should apply to access by relatives and friends of staff members. People who would like to visit just to snoop around should not be allowed and the same should happen to relatives and friends of staff members who would want to visit.

To get a quick solution in times of security breach, server co-location service providers should hook up their data centers to law enforcement agency systems. It is essential to have clearly stated and understood procedure to be followed in case there is a security breach. Backups are definitely the last option of security for a colo data center. While very strict access and security measures must be applied, backup is a must have to ensure that all client information and hardware that is hosted in the data center is fully secured.

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