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Back Pain Injury Exercises

Lower back pain is a common complaint among many people, most of who dont realize that the underlying cause is simply weak muscles. The muscles of the back arent the only areas targeted for treatment as you would expect however, since weak abdominal and buttock muscles also contribute to the condition. This is because all three muscle groups–commonly referred to as the core muscles–have a role to play in supporting the spine.

As with all muscles, these muscle groups will of course benefit from adequate and proper exercise, which is how a number of back pain injury exercises have been formulated as a means to reduce the symptoms of lower back pain. Below are some common back pain injury exercises that you may try out if you are already suffering from the condition.

Before you get started, it is important to note that when you are suffering from lower back pain, your back is already in a fragile state, and that improper back pain injury exercises may actually cause your condition to worsen. This is why you should first consult with a doctor before beginning any rehabilitative treatment for your back.


If you are looking to treat lower back pain, it would be beneficial to engage in stretching exercises that will eventually increase the range of motion that you are capable of. If your lower back pain has already progressed into a chronic state, it may take weeks or even months before you get results. Nevertheless, you will find that stretching will almost immediately provide relief. If necessary, you may even use equipment that is intended specifically for stretching purposes.


Along with stretching, you will also want to engage on some sort of strengthening exercises. Studies have shown that patients suffering from back pain are less likely to relapse if strengthening exercises are done along with stretching. Among the most common exercises for strengthening and pain relief are the McKenzie exercises, which are intended to extend the range of movement of the spine and to reduce pain, and lumbar stabilization exercises, which aim to determine the position of the spine in which the patient feels most comfortable. Performed regularly, these exercises will strengthen the back and improve spinal positioning.

Low-impact Aerobics

Many lower back pain sufferers also benefit considerably from low-impact aerobic exercises, which are beneficial for rehabilitation as well as maintenance of the lower back muscles. All things being equal, patients that are aerobically fit tend to suffer from lower back pain less frequently, and they generally experience less pain when these episodes do occur. In contrast, lower back pain sufferers who dont perform any type of aerobic exercise at all are at greater risk of losing their ability to perform even simple movements when an episode occurs. Among some of the lower back pain injury exercises you can try are hydrotherapy, walking and stationary biking. As with all other exercises however, it would be best that you consult with a doctor with regard to their suitability before beginning.

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