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Background Of The London Summer Olympics

Everyone knows that the Olympics are held every 4 years, but it is unique that London is be hosting the games for the third time. The last time they held was after WWII. During the war the games were not held for obvious reasons. So at the London summer Olympics, there will be over 10,000 athletes from over 200 countries participating. Over 4700 medals are being made for both the regular and para Olympics to be held afterwards.

And for the first time the mascot used will be the same for both games. It is some one eyed interactive creature named after a small village called Wenlock. And the logo is a bit modern and has had some controversy. It is a jagged emblem shaped from the numerals in 2012, and uses shades of pink and blue.

But the biggest controversy is that the Muslim countries are angered that the games are scheduled during their holy month of Ramadan, which is July 21 to August 20. During this month of fasting, no one is to eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset. So the some 3000 Muslim athletes will have a disadvantage. The IOC committee insisted that the games must be held in the time frame of July 5 to August 31. England has a large Muslim population and it was discussed at the time, but in the end the committee chose these dates because it was easier to hire all the 20,000 people needed to run the show.

So the XXX Olympiad, as it is officially called, will kick off on July 27 and last until 12 August. The promoters have been preparing since 2005, but they did not have the unlimited budget like Beijing did for the 2008 games.

But London has the advantage of being able to integrate historical sites into the activities to give it some flare. For example, the sport of tennis is scheduled to be played at Wimbledon. And actually the Wimbledon tournament starts on July 29, so there is concern that the games will overshadow the tournament, according to some analysts. Football, called soccer by the Americans, has the key games scheduled for Wembley stadium.

It will be interesting to see how social media handles the Olympics. With all the instantaneous reporting on Facebook and Twitter that can be done on cellphones, the circuits and internet will certainly be busy.

But the majority of the world will be at home or in sports bars enjoying the games. Among those watching on TV, will be one million people who registered for tickets and did not get them. The ticket committee said that the process was fair and transparent, but that there just were not enough tickets so some had to be disappointed.

London’s big promise for the games is the theme of diversity, invitation, and inspiration. To reach out to all the young people of the world to be involved. The promoters in London said this promise was key for them winning the sponsorship. These are lofty goals, and with all the advertising an hype that goes along with the Olympics, it will be interesting to see if it can be accomplished.

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