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Begin You Career At A Flight School

Flight schools, throughout the world, provide youngsters the opportunity to learn flying supplemented with ground based operations like avionics engineering and ground personnel training. These individuals, upon completion of their training, can apply either in the airline industry or the armed forces like naval aviation, air force, or the army aviation, both as pilots as well as the ground crew (the guide and technicians). In addition, flight schools also help retired aviators to join them as instructor pilots and assist them in applying for a job in the airline industry, upon successful completion of tests like the Airline Transport Pilot license.

How much will it cost?

This is one of those questions that people ask frequently on the web. Applying for a flight school is quite easy but there are a few prerequisites that should be kept in mind before applying. Like any other educational university, a thorough research of flight schools should be conducted before applying. This is important because most flight schools in the world don’t provide the students with scholarships and the studies as well as flight school certifications like the Commercial Pilot’s License are quite expensive. On average, a common flight school will charge over $13,000; whereas, a well reputed institution will take at least $25,000 for a single training license (certification) like the one listed above. Subsequently, it is always best that, before applying to one, you should conduct a thorough research and narrow down your options for flight institutes.

Flight Schools:

One of the best flight schools in the world is located near the Dubai International Airport. This school offers its students the following licenses:

Commercial Pilot License.
Airline Transport Pilot License.
Helicopter License.
Helicopter Transport Pilot License.
Private Pilot License.

If you have no previous flying experience then you will have to decide between the Commercial Pilot’s License and the Helicopter Pilot’s License. As mentioned earlier, these licenses are typically extremely costly, and it is always best to seek a flying scholarship in the first place rather than getting into debt. A Private Pilot’s license is the most basic license that any flight school offers. A pilot is eligible to receive this license on successful completion of 50 hours of flight. On the other hand, a Commercial Pilot’s license is received on completion of 200 hours of flying, and passing three written tests that are scheduled on a semi-annually basis are mandatory. Helicopter licenses are cheaper than ATPL and they can be obtained easily from any flying institution. Nevertheless, students who have a prior experience as an Army or Navy pilot get themselves certified before or on completion of their contract from the defense forces.

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