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Being a Nurse

Health care is one of the most steady job professions out there in the suffering economy. Though nurses are always helping to heal people, more people will always get sick, it is just a part of being human. It is because of this truth that nursing is one of the fastest growing careers in the United States today.

Before, becoming a nurse used to take a four-year degree, but the the growing popularity of trade schools and two-year universities, has allowed more and more people to enter the field of nursing more quickly with more concentrated course loads that teach the skills necessary to be a health care provider.

Being a nurse is a rewarding experience because at the end of each day you get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped save a life. This type of of accomplishment can only be felt everyday by a health care provider.

Though many people think that the job would get boring looking at the same types of illnesses day-in and day-out, nursing is one career that has the ability to change several times over the span of a career. Unlike doctors, nurses have the ability to change specialties without going back to school and getting another degree.

Once a nurse gets her RN license, she can get a job in just about every area of the hospital. She may decide that she wants to work in the emergency room, but after a couple of years there she may want to work in the cardiology department, and later she may decide she want to work with cancer patients, then labor and delivery…Her possibilities are endless.

Once a nurse gets licensed, she can receive training in any area of the hospital and get a job there, she does not have to got back to school for several more years to be able to do more in her career. This flexibility allows nurses to learn about every area in the hospital, and help people who suffer from hundreds, if not thousands, of different illnesses.

If that type of flexibility is not enough for you, then becoming a traveling nurse will add even more adventure to your career. Traveling nurses are able to go all over the country and the world to help people in all of these different places.

This allows nurses to gain the most amount of experience and knowledge in all areas of nursing, and the satisfaction of helping people from all over the place would be such a big sense of accomplishment.

The average nurse gets an annual pay increase just because of her added experience, and those nurses who choose to bounce around and work in different ares of the hospital get paid even more because they have that much more work experience under their belt.

Traveling nurses not only get great pay, but they receive free private housing, annual bonuses, health and dental insurance, and they get to choose where they travel to. This allows them to go to the places they have always wanted to see, get free housing, and get paid well for doing their job.

A traveling nurse allows for the most exciting and rewarding career out there. It is especially a great opportunity for people who are single and want to experience the most amount of things that life will allow them before they choose, if they choose, to settle down.

To take advantage of these exciting opportunities, find out what it takes to become a traveling nurse and experience the joys of seeing the world while helping save the lives of countless people from all walks of life.

Tom Selwick has worked as a traveling nurse for the last 16 years. He has worked in many local clinics and the ER and recommends looking into becoming a travel nursing.

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