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Best Scar Treatments

Scars are unfortunate although normal parts of life, and many people afflicted with them, simply leave minor scars alone without resorting to any type of treatment. The problem is when the scars are large and/or extensive enough to limit movement or to cause physical distress. In fact, even the relatively minor scars caused by acne can be quite bothersome, particularly in social situations.

Over the years, a number of acne scar treatments have been introduced into the market, all of which have varying degrees of success. They range from expensive laser or surgical treatments to over the counter medications that are more like concealers than actual scar removal solutions, with silicon based solutions such as InvisiScarâ„¢ coming in somewhere in between. Lets take a look at your options.

Laser Scar Removal
Laser surgery has been one of the treatment options proposed for the removal of scars. While laser treatment can actually be effective, it does come with its own disadvantages. For instance, laser surgery can be quite painful, since it basically involves burning away the hardened scar tissue. For extensive scarring, this is probably the best option available, although it is not recommended for only minor scarring, such as that resulting from a severe acne attack.

Laser surgery also has the disadvantage of possibly causing even more scarring. Since the process involves cutting away the scar tissue with a laser, there is a chance that the treatment may leave scars that are much worse in appearance.

Laser surgery is also quite expensive, which means that it is out of reach for all but the more affluent scar victims.

Over-The-Counter Creams
On the other end of the price scale are the over-the-counter medications that claim to give you an effective scar removal solution out of the jar. Such products typically come in cream or gel form, and are meant to be applied directly on the affected area. Unfortunately, many of these products do nothing more than conceal the scarring, so they are not really suitable for long-term scar removal purposes.

Silicon Scar Treatment
Silicon has been used to effective result in post surgical care for a number of years now, given its effectiveness. Most silicon based scar removal products on the market also come in gel and/or cream form, which although possibly effective, can be quite messy and inconvenient. A much better solution is provided by InvisiScarâ„¢, in innovative silicone sheets that can easily be applied onto the affected area. The patient then gains all the benefits of a silicon based scar treatment formula without having to deal with messy creams.

Scars can cause great deal of embarrassment to anyone who has had to live with them. The cost associated with laser surgery and the ineffectiveness and inconvenience of over-the-counter products has caused many to look into the benefits provided by a silicon-based solution instead. And with the innovative approach to scar removal by InvisiScarâ„¢, what just may be the best scar treatment product on the market is now within easy reach.

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