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Bike Insurance Is Protective Gear For Your Wallet

Yes, your bike tells the world you were born to be wild; but as you get your motor runnin’ and head out on the highway, your bike insurance ought to reassure the world you also were born to be prudent and wise. Working with a full-service bike insurance broker, you secure all the coverage you need at the lowest possible rates.

You understand how many different ways riding a bike puts you at risk. Motorists do not look carefully both ways as they enter intersections, so they frequently fail to see approaching motorcycles. Whether the bike rider hits the car or the car hits the bike rider, the results inevitably are nasty and expensive. Similarly, motorists do not turn to look in their blind spots, so they frequently swerve into or cut-off motorcyclists. Large SUVs and mini-vans have exceptionally large blind spots and practically no rear vision, so that motorcycles become almost invisible to multi-tasking soccer moms and dangerously distracted dads.

On the motorways, minivan and SUV drivers’ careless lane changes frequently drive motorcyclists onto soft shoulders or narrow median strips. Given the element of speed in motorway crashes, cyclists sustain far more serious injuries than on city streets, and their bikes sustain far greater damage.

In 2008, the last year for which the Department for Transport has reliable data, 21,550 motorcyclists were seriously injured in accidents; 493 motorcyclists died. The annual numbers of motorcycle casualties and injuries has fallen steadily for the last decade, but they remain considerably higher than percentages among automobile drivers. You really have no choice. Spend a few extra pounds to make certain you have the very best, most complete and comprehensive bike insurance.

Protect yourself against the personal and financial consequences of a collision. If a larger vehicle hits you, even the best protective gear cannot prevent broken bones and internal injuries; and in a serious accident, your bike is likely to be damaged beyond repair-totalled. Of course, if you frequently carry passengers, you must protect them as well as your bike and your own body. And if you depend on your bike as your primary means of transportation, you should carry extra bike insurance that protects you against uninsured motorists.

The best companies offer clients twenty-four hour claim lines, flexible payment plans, and options for extra protection and multi-bike plans. Better still, larger bike insurance carriers offer “No-Claims Bonuses” for every year you remain accident and claim-free, the company either returns a portion of your premium or pays-out a handsome bonus.

For bigger and better bikes especially for customs and classics-the best companies offer breakdown coverage. Should your beloved behemoth bike break down, the insurance company pays the cost of all repairs; naturally, you can reduce your premium on breakdown cover by increasing your deductible.

Even if you feel satisfied with your current bike insurance, call a broker for rate and coverage comparisons. An experienced agent will help you find lower premiums for more and better cover.

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