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Boost Ebook Sales with eBook Directories!

Are you selling an ebook or giving one away for free? Submitting your ebook to ebook directories will generate steady sales and downloads. eBooks add value to a web site and many webmasters search ebook directories to find ebooks they want to offer to their web visitors. It’s worth your time to list your ebook(s) in ebook directories. It can dramatically increase your web traffic and sales. Just do a Google search to find directories.

Here are some steps you need to complete before submitting your ebook:

1. Become familiar with the different types of directories.

Check how they list the ebooks and read their submission guidelines. Check what subjects they accept as different directories accept different topics. Some directories provide free listings, some charge a listing fee, and some want a link to their website.

2. Create web pages.

You need to design a web page with a download link to your ebook. Make your sales copy, headlines, and links compelling, even when you’re giving away a free ebook. Also, create a link page so you can provide a link to the directories that require this.

3. Design an ebook cover.

An ebook cover is important when selling an ebook and even when giving away your ebook for free. A cover image makes your ebook look tangible. A well-designed cover can double or even triple your ebook sales and downloads. Also, ebook directories will want a thumbnail size of your ebook cover. Check their guidelines for size requirements. We recommend using specialized ebook cover software to design an ebook cover. Photoshop Action scripts provide the best quality results. Or you can hire a designer specializing in ebook covers.

4. Set up a separate email address.

Set up a separate email address so you don’t clutter up your main email.

5. Prepare the information you will submit to the directories.

eBook directories will ask you to provide them with some information. This may include your name, email, book title, URLs, descriptions of your ebook, keywords, and book cover. Prepare this information before you start submitting your ebook.

• List your ten most relevant keywords. People use keywords to find ebooks that are relevant to the topic of their web site. Use a keyword tool like WordTracker or Good Keywords to find related keywords.
• Write descriptions. You will need descriptions about your ebooks when submitting your ebook to the directories. Write three descriptions/ads with varying lengths – from two sentences to several paragraphs to accommodate different directories.
• Organize the information you will provide to the directories. Create a file with a text editor, like Notepad. Include your name, email, ebook title, 3 descriptions, 10 keywords, download URL, URL of your link page, and URL of the ebook cover. Use a clipboard utility like ClipTrakker or WinM8 and a form-filler like RoboForm when submitting the information.

Don’t overlook ebook directories when promoting your ebook. It will pay off in steady sales and downloads.

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