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BP acquired the company will be Chinese companies?

A deceptively simple production safety accidents, the world oil giant BP, Stuck, a long-advertised “green” culture of the company suddenly lost all the aura of the past, described as “an ugly cover 100 excellent.”

Since the incident at the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP company incurred the American people, government condemnation and verbal abuse, public image plummeted, faced with possible large claims, or even make the company bankrupt, and then were constant reports to be included in China’s oil companies, including acquisition rumors, which is unimaginable before the incident.

Recently, BP company and great pressure on politicians and public criticism of abuses, coupled with the vicious reaction of the market, stocks plummeted, a sharp shrinkage of assets, cash flow may be trouble.

In this context, on the BP company may become a takeover target of speculation heats up and the speculation, and legend has hired investment bank Goldman Sachs as advisers to find countermeasures to avoid a hostile takeover. Furthermore, the legend of a report issued by Standard Chartered Bank has boldly predicted that the oil can buy a 30% premium to the company BP.

In fact, very complex international mergers and acquisitions, BP real situation faced complex legal relations in the future how to scale the size of compensation and damages are difficult to anticipate, it intends to acquire other assets of the oil companies have faced significant business risks.

If the Chinese oil company to acquire BP, then the pattern of world oil market will undergo significant change, the Chinese oil companies in the world oil market will play an important role, therefore, if the will of the Chinese oil company is very normal.

This will meet the domestic major oil companies from the domestic to the international development strategy, the other Chinese oil companies have already ranks among the major oil companies around the world, with strong financial strength and extensive overseas experience.

But now there are several aspects of the acquisition, First, BP company really has reached the situation of bankruptcy reorganization, is now too early to tell; Second, even if BP really want to bankrupt the company, major Western oil companies equally acquisition opportunities. Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron and France’s Total and other oil giants are likely to have sufficient financial strength to take the acquisition.

In addition, the acquisition of BP oil company in China, will face two risks, one is a commercial venture, if successful acquisition, BP’s own value of the assets and liabilities are to be transferred. However, this risk may not be the most important, the most important risk is political risk, as developing countries, major oil companies, if you want to buy old giant Western oil companies in general, the political significance of the move itself is greater than economic significance, gives people a lot of associations.

Major international acquisition to go through government approval, Western governments will go through all kinds of trade-off, batch or not to grant the government power. Compared with the Chinese oil companies, Western oil companies involved in acquisition of business risks facing the only difficulty is much smaller.

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