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Budget Friendly, Super Simple, Crazy Fun with Nautical Decor

If you want to update the look of your home without spending much money, you can always add a nautical style. You can find nautical accessories that do not cost much money, and with a little creativity, you may just think that you are on vacation when you’re done redecorating. So if you love the seashore, consider updating your look with a nod to nautical.

Find Freebies

If you are planning to incorporate a nautical theme into your room design, the best place to shop for accessories is on the beach. Look for polished stones, tumbled glass and seashells to display as accessories. If you want to display seashells, rinse them off with clean water and soak them for a few hours in a solution of water and white vinegar. You may also want to keep your eyes peeled for interesting pieces of driftwood.

Nautical Sails

After you are done shopping on the beach, you can be on the alert when you are shopping in discount or craft stores for nautical accents. Look for boats, lanterns, fish lighthouses and ship’s wheels. You can always find sales and coupons in the newspapers. Thrift stores and consignment stops are also a great place to look for interesting nautical elements to include in you updated room design.

Online Bargains

If you like to shop online, then by all means do. Browse online for sale items and look for deals that offer free shipping. You can sign up to get an email alert when a new sale is coming up, so you can be ready. When you are shopping online, use keywords like ‘nautical decor’ and ‘home interior’.

Draw your Inspiration from the Beach – Literally

One of the really neat things about decorating with a nautical decor is that you can create your own personal twist with your decor, and you do not have to even have to be artistic to do it. A great do it yourself project is collecting seashells on the beach. Simply group them in a set of clear jars, bowls or cylindrical vases.

You can also fill glass jars half full of clean craft sand and use them as candle holders. You can also make a layered display in a hurricane lamp with colored sand and shells, and then you can add a tea light for ambience. Add an arrangement of dried grasses to complement your nautical displays.

You can easily add nautical accents to your walls by getting frames at the dollar store and gluing seashells to them. You can create a wall collage with photos of beach scenes, and you can buy a collage frame or simply create your own collage in a single, large frame. If you want to do something that requires a little more skill, you may want to stencil a nautical border along the wall.

Whatever you choose to do, creating a nautical theme in your home is easy, inexpensive and fun. You can enjoy the process of creating this room as you collect new accessories to add to your nautical collections.

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