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Building a Flagstone Pathway

There are a few different types of flagstone; usually it is mostly composed of sandstone and quarts. If you get it from a quarry you can expect it to come in small flat slabs, which makes it perfect for making patio walkways or little paths through your garden.

Another great thing about this stone is it comes in almost every different color, so if you want a red walkway you can get red stone and if you want grey you can get grey. If you really want to get creative you can actually get some dye for the stone too, but be careful these dyes are powerful and can stain clothes very easily.

When installing your path way the first thing you want to do is outline where the path will be. Use some stakes and tie a string in between them, and if you want a curve in your path you can use your garden hose to outline that part.

After you have the path all drown out in your yard you want to start digging out the sod. Dig down approximately two and a half inches deep.

You want the boarders of your dig to be relatively clean, so I would start digging there. Press the nose of the shovel against the ground and then apply pressure with your foot to get a clean junk of earth from the ground.

Many people like to actually place Masonite edging to outline the path, this will add some stability and consistency to your path. Masonite works great too, because it is so pliable; you can easily outline straight lines and hard curves alike.

Once the whole path is dug out, you are going to have to level the dirt; use a two by four, and run it across the dirt to find high spots and low spots. Now rake the ground to smooth and tamp the soil.

It doesn’t have to be perfectly level, but the closer it is the better it will be. Next you are going to have to get sand.

Spread one and a half inches of sand across the path way. Use the two by four to level it out one more time.

Laying the stone is easy; just pretend it is like a puzzle. Set the stone on the compacted sand so that there is not more than an inch gap between pieces and no less than half an inch.

Use a carpenter’s level to be sure that everything is flat and even. Once you have it laid how you would like it fill in the cracks.

You can either use sand to fill in the gaps, or for a more natural look you can plant sod in the cracks. Making a flagstone path way really will change the dynamic of your lawn a lot, and not to mention it will increase property value too.

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