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Can Outsourced Document Scanning Be Cost Effective

Do you know how many hours and other financial assets you’ll need to successfully place all incoming data into a document management system? Does incoming hard-copy data have to be received, opened, examined, scanned, index and then uploaded into the system so can it be accessed by company personnel?

Otherwise, the only other option available is to direct all incoming hard-copy data to the designated receiver and asked him to manage its use and storage personally. This, unfortunately, is extremely labour-intensive reducing and individual’s on-the-job time taking away from the task for which they were hired.

Too many financial risks:

There are far too many financial risks allowing incoming hard-copy data to be processed by designated individual receivers. In this age of working in virtual cyberspace, overlooked documents and misplaced hard-copy snail mail can translate into lost opportunities for effective business interaction and most likely loss of revenue. The actual cost for implementing a document scanning management system may be far more expensive than transferring these responsibilities to skilfully trained specialists whose main focus is the management of your company’s data copying.

Security breach may be eminent:

Too often, the handling of important data in commission does not take a high priority when it comes to its daily management because this is not the chief task conducted by any individual who is left to their own devices to manage incoming information. Why not leave this up to the professionals?

This will allow you to concentrate your skills and energy on the core business tasks that help your company grow and prosper. Through the hiring of a document scanning service, one that has a reputation for reliability and confidentiality, you can become fairly confident that there will be no lost, misplaced, and yes, misappropriated data whose management and use is paramount for your company to succeed.

Use of a dedicated mailbox begins process:

Many UK-based businesses have decided to rely upon companies that specialise in document scanning and data management. The process is fairly straightforward and works somewhat like this:

Company mail is sent to a dedicated Post Office Box where it is delivered to a secured document scanning production facility.

Each piece of mail is opened by a document scanning specialist who prepares it for scanning.

The mail is scanned and indexed based on predefined fields.
Every step to the process in his district quality control measures agreed upon between the service and client.

Once the files are scanned and indexed, they are delivered to a web-based document management server where they are available through an automatic work-flow software program.

Automation reigns:

Competitive and reputable document scanning services include high-tech automation of all critical business processes such as work-flow and digital document access. Through pre-set automatic routing, scanned documents can be transmitted to all levels of appropriate management for approval before being sent to end-user areas such as accounts payable for processing. Varying degrees of automation and delivery of digital documentation can highly increase the efficiency for any organisation.

Additionally, through digital web-based business solutions including document scanning, the entire process can be monitored, tracking all activity to ensure any compliance to regulatory guidelines that are needed to be followed.

TNT Business Solutions are specialists in document scanning and outsourced document scanning services.