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Can You Safely Use A Penis Stretcher?

The size of the penis can often define your personality and your self esteem – especially if you are on the smaller side of things! However, with the advent of technology and more state-of-the-art methods, increasing penis length has become one of the easiest and safest of solutions out of ignominy.

But is using a penis stretcher safe?

However, many experts and often well-researched studies claim that safe penis enlargement can only be done through surgeries and penis extenders are too risky for comfort. However, like many myths surrounding increasing penis length to desired sizes, the ‘unsafe’ myth has also been busted long ago. In fact, using a penis stretcher along with some penis exercises are the safest bets available in the industry today.

Should I be abreast of some tips before I start with the gadget?

Before you start off with overzealous enthusiasm, stay abreast of some of the little factoids and safety tips associated with penis stretchers in general. Missing out on these can prove to be fatal (literally!) for your shaft, or perhaps worse!

• Right fit – Make sure that the penis stretcher you are using is the right fit. Unless it sits comfortably on your shaft and does not make painful incisions or strangulate your penis, you are probably well off with the gadget. If not, change it – for that is the only solution at hand!

• Petechia issues – Petechia issues basically are defined by burst capillaries in the penis that are demarcated by small red dots. If pain or irritation persists, take medication If not, a few days of celibacy (both literal and with the gadget) can make them disappear.

• Erectile dysfunction – You are most probably trying too hard or for too long with the penis extender, and compromising safe penis enlargement in the process. Since the penis is already under pressure and tension because of the penis extender, erectile dysfunction can be a problem when used for longer periods of time. Try and wait till the erectile surge is restored, and then start with your penis enlargement again.

• Donut formation – Donuts can be formed because of too tight penis stretchers. Though not much of a bother, try discontinuing for some time till the issue subsides. If it does not, do not worry – for the donuts can be massages and ironed out once you have lost the penis extender.

• Darkened skin portions – Usually a result of bruises and cuts caused by ill-fitting pumps, this is one reason why experts advise a penis enlargement device to work with intermittent breaks of 10-15 minutes. Once fresh blood is pumped through the penis, it regains color and also helps heal any cuts or wounds made on the exterior or interior of the shaft.

Most of the people who complain of penis stretchers causing more harm than good do not practice these safety guidelines. In an effort to gain maximum results in minimal time, the over-the-top use of such penis extenders cause their members to either go kaput or drop limp.

Remember, penis extenders are a healthy and safe way of increasing penis length – only if you follow the guidelines as advised by experts from the concerned domain.

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