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Cantilever Umbrella- Why Should You Purchase This

A cantilever umbrella is the good product which provides you shade and protects you from sunlight or rain. Because of the absence of the middle pole, and presence of side pole, you can enjoy the complete shade. With this, you can turn the umbrella according to the movement of sun. Now you do not need to turn the base while moving this umbrella, so it can move easily and hence provides shade to you.

These are just the basic traits of this umbrella, you can have various options, like some models provide you tilt and lock facilities. Now, where can you probably use a cantilever umbrella? You can use it while sitting on the side of a pool, and can also use it inside the pool to avoid from the sunlight. This umbrella can even offer you shade while you are at the patio table, as it does not require a hole in the table. This umbrella does not have any pole in the middle, so you can view others very easily while sitting under it. If you are considering buying a cantilever umbrella, then there are various factors that you must consider. Initially, if you are living in airy places, you should not go for large umbrellas having a diameter of like 10 feet or 11 feet. This is because of the reason that this umbrella has side pole and that’s why it can be blown very easily by wind. Secondly, keep in mind that these umbrellas require a heavy base to be stable.

For instance, weight of 100 pounds or more works well with this umbrella. You can also purchase special bases for these umbrellas- these are available in resin, or hollow, and mostly weigh about 110 pounds. You can fill a hollow base with concrete or sand. Thirdly, you should think about your budget as well while buying a cantilever umbrella. Though these umbrellas are well made, but these are certainly not cheap.

These umbrellas are very famous ones and thus they are seen at various places. Their popularity comes from the fact that they are not just good-looking, but very adaptive too. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and get a cantilever umbrella if you need a useful product that can protect yourself from sunlight.

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