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Capture Live Streaming Video

To keep viewers interested in your web channels, you are going to have to provide them with lots of new and quality content. After all, if people wanted to watch repeats, they could simply turn on their televisions. Although you would like to provide your viewers with live content all the time, it may be a good idea to capture live streaming video. Simply put, this means saving your streamed images in a format that allows it be kept on your computer or removable hardware. Once it is saved, you can view the streamed video repeatedly. In order to do this, you are going to need special software. This article will provide you with information on some of the best products available for saving your live streaming videos.

One type of software you can use to capture live streaming video is Monster Encoder developed by Eyepartner. This software allows you create the type of movies needed for your web channel and save them in a variety of formats so they can be displayed on the web, iPods and videogame consoles such as Xboxes and Play stations. Monster Encoder allows users to do this with a few easy and simple mouse clicks. The software can also be used to transcode a variety of media formats such as audio files, DVD, MPEG, ASF/WMV/WMA and RealAudio/RealVideo. In addition, Monster Encoder allows users to encode broadcasted streams live.

Eyepartner, the developer of TikiLIVE and Monster Encoder, provides consumers with another option. The Blackmagic Intensity Card allows users to capture live streaming video just as effectively as other cards and software on the market. To use, simply install the card and drivers and plug it into the video or audio source. Afterwards, make the necessary configurations. An added benefit to using the Blackmagic Intensity Card is that you can use it capture live video with The HD Wave broadcaster. Many consumers love the Blackmagic Intensity Card because it is easy to install and can be purchased at an inexpensive price. It also allows for some real time processing.

Although you would probably like to provide your web channel views with live content 24/7, it is simply impossible. After all, no one can spend that long in front of a computer. Instead, you can provide your viewers with fresh content by using products such as Monster Encoder and The Blackmagic Intensity Card to capture live streaming video. Once you save your streamed videos in the appropriate format, you can upload them onto a variety of devices for repeated viewing.

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