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Causes of Low Back and Abdominal Pain

Abdominal and low back pain can be frustrating, annoying, and uncomfortable, and there are many causes of low back and abdominal pain that you can sort through in an attempt to find the problem. Everyone gets pain sometimes, and its generally mild and normal. Its often caused by something very simple, too, that will resolve itself quickly and not lead to a problem. However, there are times when thats not the case and you should pay attention to the symptoms. Chest pain is one example. There are more than 30 different causes, most of them benign, but severe chest pain is something you shouldnt ignore.

The same is true with low back and abdominal pain. This can be from muscle tension or some kind of injury, but it can also be from an infection, food poisoning, a kidney or other organ problem, a bladder problem, or something more serious, like cancer. Theres no need to go racing to the doctor or the ER at the first sign of low back pain or abdominal pain. panicking and/or being an alarmist doesnt solve anything.

Instead, evaluate the severity and the onset of the pain. Did it come on quickly? Is it sharp? A dull ache? Have you had it before? What were you doing right before it started? How long has it been there? Do you have other symptoms such as weakness, dizziness, chills, or fever? These are important questions that you should ask yourself, and they are also questions that you might be asked by your doctor or other health care professional. You should know the answers to them, so that you can get the best treatment possible if you do need to seek out medical help.

Because the causes of low back and abdominal pain can really vary so much, its important to find out whats causing yours. If youre a woman of child-bearing age, for example, you could be pregnant. If youre not sexually active, that can be ruled out and other causes can be examined. Bladder and kidney infections can often cause pain in the lower back and in the abdomen, as can yeast infections in women, PMS, and food poisoning. If youve eaten something that didnt agree with your stomach and youve had diarrhea, especially if youve had it more than once in a short period of time, that can cause abdominal and low back pain, as well.

In the end, you know your own body best. If you feel you should see a doctor, do so. Dont wait to see if it goes away if you think its serious or if you have other symptoms – especially symptoms of an infection like chills and a fever. While you dont want to panic over small illnesses and a few little aches and pains, its always much better to be safe rather than sorry. Thats especially true for children, the elderly, and anyone who has a chronic medical condition or a weakened immune system.

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