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Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life – Yes, It Can Be That Easy

It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief.
And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.
– Claude M. Bristol

The key to affirmations is repetition. As you mentally review, connect to a feeling or say statements over and over again, you get the mind used to them. They become known and accepted as truth. You build new neuro pathways which recognize the information as familiar and real. You can literally convince yourself of anything.

Work with your affirmations every day. Make them part of your daily practice and your manifestation routine. Here’s how:

– Write your affirmations long hand everyday – maybe use a journal and devote a page to each day. In addition to writing the affirmations, journal about your feelings, the actions you are taking toward achieving your goals, and your victories that can be attributed to aligning your energy.
– Place your affirmations on cards where you will see them – put them in your car, your purse or backpack, inside the book you are reading.
– Repeat the affirmations each day. Put emotion and feelings into your affirmations as you speak them out loud. Add visions to your affirmations and speak those out loud, too. See yourself completing your goals, and allow that sense of accomplishment, joy and peace wash over you.
– Add your affirmations to a vision board. Paste up pictures that give you the same feeling that the affirmations give you. Look for pictures that please and energize you. Look at that vision board every day while you speak your affirmations out loud.

Using a Vision Board

One great way to maximize the impact of your affirmations is to create a vision board. A vision board is collection of images that represent your ideal lifestyle. For instance, if your goal is to live in a beautiful bedroom, you would have an image of that bedroom.

A vision board could be something physical, such as a photo album with a collection of images, or a board with pictures attached to it. It could also be electronic, such as a slideshow of digital images. One of the keys to maximizing the use of your image board is to select great images that resonate within your heart. You should also ensure that you view your image board often, at least twice a day – every time you view the ideal images that speak to your heart, you will feel a smile within and your affirmations will gain in strength and effectiveness.

Affirmations over time

After some time passes, maybe a few days or weeks, you may choose to tweak your affirmations. As you write them and speak them aloud each day, you will find new words that feel more suitable. Feel free to make these tweaks so that the affirmations are specific and personal. You may also have the urge to change up your affirmation to keep it fresh and on target. This is a great idea. As you work toward your goals, you will further clarify what you specifically want and your experiences will show you new ways to think about the affirmations.
When you use positive affirmations, the repetition can help you connect to the great feelings that accompany these new things you want to see materialize. This repetition can also connect you to feelings of freedom, peace, joy, excitement that are a part of your desires. Your connection with these feelings through the repeated use of affirmations raises your vibration, and puts you in alignment with the experiences you expect to create.

As the affirmations, visions and feelings of these creations become a part of your life and your dominant vibrations, the more likely they are to materialize in your life. You wake up thinking about them and you go to sleep with the visions of your dreams.

This regular every day commitment to using affirmations is important to the success and impact that they have on your life.

Jurgen Mennel is living life to the fullest. Skydiving and base-jumping are just a few of his hobbies. He is running several businesses and understands that success begins in the mind. Jurgen has created a powerful tool that anyone can use to accelerate success.