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Chicago Videographer Can Help Your Video Sound Amazing

A Chicago videographer can help you in many ways. For one, you can enormously improve the audio in your video project. Having good quality audio can make your video message more effective. As a matter of fact, video production experts believe that most people can put up with certain quality problems in videos, but they can never tolerate poor sound recording. Without clear and crisp sound, most viewers would rather turn off their TV or any video player for that matter. So now, you may be wondering how a video production company can help you attain good quality sound for your video.

Aside from the fact that Chicago video production companies have professional sound technicians on their team, they also employ techniques that would not be normally used by ordinary or amateur videographers. For starters, professional video production specialists will calculate the right distance from which the sound will come from. After measuring the distance, the specialist will then determine the right type of microphone to use. For example, if the sound will be coming from a far out spot, a shotgun microphone will be used. Meanwhile, a handheld mic will be enough if the sound is within short range.

Hiring a Chicago video production company will also enable you to choose between a wired and a wireless microphone. Typically, amateur videographers only use wired microphones which can restrain the mobility of the video maker. Wired microphones are plugged into the camera. In comparison, a wireless mike has a built in transmitter and the camera is fitted with the radio receiver. Without cables, this type of sound recording system can capture sounds even if the on-camera person or the source of the sound is far from the camera.

Your Chicago video production specialist will also know about sound direction when boosting the quality of your video recording. Not many are aware of it, but the direction of the sound can affect its quality. Again, there are several types of microphones that can be used to pick sounds from any direction. Some mics are efficient in picking up sounds in front of them, while other mikes can only take sounds from the sides. Advanced video production studios can trace sound patterns to determine where the sounds are coming from. With that information, the appropriate mic will be used to optimize the sound recording.

So before hiring a professional video production company, if you need good audio, make sure they have the right equipment to do the job right. Ask them what their plan is for recording audio. If they can’t give you a straight answer, pass, and call someone else.

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