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Chicago Videographer Talks Motion Graphics

Chicago videographer experts realize that one of the most important things you can do to embellish a project is to use motion graphics. Motion graphic is a basic type of animation used with special effects. One of the many uses of motion graphics is the enhancement of a company’s logo in a corporate video. Motion graphics can appear in any type of video project, ranging from corporate to event coverage. Motion graphics can be as simple as an animated bit of text that you might see in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to a complex animation that might appear in a major motion picture.

Many motion graphics appear in corporate videos. A professional videography service will work closely with a company’s art department to assure that any logos or other graphics remain true to the company’s spirit and design. Most companies are easily identified by their logos, and a Chicago videographer understands this as well as anyone. A professional videographer will maintain and respect the art department’s commitment to quality while also elevating a static image into a dynamic motion graphic treatment within an excellently-produced video.

Motion graphics are a great way to illustrate a diagram or amp up a logo. For an instructional how-to video, a series of motion graphics creates a fantastic and dynamic way of adding interest to what could be a dull series of commands. A scientific video could benefit from diagramming something such as mitosis with motion graphics as opposed to expensively filming the microscopic process. Similarly, an animation can easily depict a grander, larger concept such as erosion without having to wait thousands of years to see the results! In terms of educational videos, motion graphics are almost necessary.

Like live action videography, there are various degrees of quality and definition within motion graphics. A graphic that appears three dimensional or lifelike will require more effort to create than a flat, cartoon-like one. Like a video with high definition, the file size of motion graphics will take up more space on a disk than a still graphic for sure. It is wise to consider the various looks and types of motion graphics before committing to the kind that will appear in a professionally-produced video.

From their use in illustrating concepts that are too miniscule or grand for more traditional videography to being able to jazz up a company’s logo, motion graphics are incredibly useful in the world of videography. These graphics and animations add a fantastic professional touch when created professionally. Good motion graphics really can make all the difference as you progress in your development as a Chicago videographer.

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