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Choose the correct external doors for your garden shed

More and more people are using their garden as a place to work from, or as a playroom for their young children.

Gardening experts have been reporting in the press that allotments are now more popular than ever, families are keen to grow their own produce to reduce their food bill.

A potting shed brings back childhood memories; however today a modern designer shed is achievable with a strong frame and fitted external doors, these sheds are more innovative than ones manufactured years ago.

Start to achieve your dream of building a shed (or office) in your garden, the result you are aiming for is one that is cost effective and is ecologically sound.

If you have a friend who is getting rid of an old shed, ask him for his wood, as recycling and purchasing more wood to make the existing shed much larger is cost effective.

When thinking about the size of your shed, you need to take into account the style of your wooden doors, it is worth spending a little more on getting the correct style of wooden doors, and you need them to fit to exactly.

External doors with a sliding action can be purchase, as they do not have to open outwards, and this is great for a person who has limited space in their garden.

A wooden door that slides open also allows children to play, taking out their bicycles and other large garden toys without hurting themselves.

Offices in the garden can be opened on a hot summers day to allow more fresh air circulate, while on a winters day the external doors will help to keep in the heat.

If you are a tenant, a shed is moveable if you decide to move house; however it is always best to have permission of your landlord before building your shed.

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