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Choosing a Sprinkler Timer for Your In-ground Irrigation System

If you have an underground sprinkler system, it may already be automatic. If you need a new sprinkler timer because the one you have is old or if you do not have one at all, there are many things to consider when purchasing.

First of all, you need to know how many zones are in your lawn sprinkling system. If you have a watering timer already, this is easy to find. If not, you will need to count the number of sprinkler system valves you have.

The number of sprinkler valves is the same as the number sprinkler stations or zones in your yard watering system. Once you know this information, you can start looking for an automatic water timer that will work with your garden sprinkler system.

There are many different types of automatic sprinkler timers from easy dial to touch screen. The prices range greatly as well.

For the most basic, inexpensive watering timers, features may include an easy dial that sets watering times, intervals and durations. There will most likely not be as many options like daily multiple watering times; however, the price may be right.

For more options and features, as well as more sprinkler zones, the price does go up. Depending on whether you choose and indoor or outdoor water timer, the price may vary for that as well.

Styles of irrigation controllers also vary greatly. Whether you choose a dialed irrigation timer or one with a remote, there are many variances in between.

Dial water controllers are quite common and very easy to use. With the turn of a dial, you can program and schedule your sprinklers to turn on and off when you need.

Some timers have dual dials as well as push buttons while others simply have one dial and are very basic. Some dialed water timers come with remote controls so you can change schedules from a remote location.

Another style of water irrigation controller you may want to consider is a slide switch timer. Slide switches allow for more customizable watering times.

Instead of turning a dial, you simply slide switches on the side of the timer to program and schedule watering durations, intervals and times. Touch screen watering timers are also up and coming in the sprinkler controller market.

Just like touch screen phones and computers, you simply program and schedule by selecting buttons on a screen. Touch screen sprinkler timers are a bit more expensive but very easy to use.

There are also watering timers that can be programmed and scheduled from a remote location using computer software. From a home computer or on the road with a laptop computer, you can easily change watering schedules.

You can choose from indoor and outdoor watering timers as well. Indoor water timers can be used outside if placed in a waterproof case or box.

Outdoor sprinkler controllers are generally made of waterproof material and some even come with locking swing panels. You can also find swing panel lock boxes for using indoor timers outside.

You can find a large selection of Orbit water timers that meet your sprinkler system’s need. Orbit sprinkler parts are of high quality and excellent construction.

Make your lawn and garden watering easier with an automatic watering timer. Enjoy a lush and beautiful yard without the hassle of having to manually operate your underground lawn irrigation system.

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