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Choosing Between Dedicated Web Hosting and Shared Web Hosting

When developing a website for personal or business use, a very important factor to consider is web hosting. Options included shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting. Each option has benefits and drawbacks which will impact the decision on which one to use.

Shared web hosting is the most commonly used form. Many websites are hosted together on the same servers, making the hosting plans more cost effective. Many shared plans are free, but the webmaster must deal with ads being displayed on the website and other restrictions in terms of file space and support for programming languages such as MySQL and PHP. Shared hosting plans can be found for as little as a dollar per month.

The average monthly rate for shared web host is about $10 a month, though the more hosting ordered at once, the higher the discount offered, so the average cost is greatly reduced for those who purchase more hosting at once. There are few hosts available that allow a month-to-month agreement – some require a minimum 12 month purchase, and others allow for 3 month blocks. Shared web host is enough for personal websites, blogs, and forums.

Dedicated web host refers to a website that is on its own server. This means no sharing of the server or its resources takes place. Because the server cannot be shared with other customers, the people who use dedicated web host must pay higher monthly fees to secure the hosting. Depending on the company, webmasters could spend anywhere from $20 to $100 a month for dedicated web host.

Shared website hosting is most often used because not only is it the more cost effective option, but few needs actually call for dedicated website hosting to be used. Only those websites requiring the utmost security, or who handle mass amounts of traffic and business online should look into dedicated web hosting. The good thing is if the website ever outgrows the need for shared host, it can be moved to another host that offers dedicated hosting with ease. This way, you can focus only on what you need at the time, saving the business money.

Shared web host and dedicated web host aren’t all that confusing when it comes down to it. It’s usually a simple decision governed by the website purpose and the website budget. While free shared web host may sound enticing, it’s usually worth it to go ahead and pay a few dollars a month to get the increased freedom and flexibility.

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