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Classic Elegance of Granite Countertops

This has triggered a tremendous increase in the price tag on marble. A type of man-made marble is mainly utilized these days in kitchens and bathrooms. It is less expensive and is water and stain proof. Granite counter tops has developed into an extremely popular alternative for use in kitchens as well as bathrooms. There is, apparently, a vast selection to the quantity of granite readily available. On the other hand, granite simply is available in a restricted variety of colors (typically dark) as well as textures, based on where it comes from. At this time, granite is brought into the United States from quarries all over the world; for this reason the range of colors and textures is expanding.

Granite is sold by the linear inch (not the foot), centered on a 2-foot-wide standard countertop size. Presently the cost may differ, based on the caliber of the granite, from a low of about $7 an inch to a high around $25 an inch. That doesn’t include the price to have an edge cut into it, which can cost a few dollars per inch extra. (Edges will be glued-in layers to boost thickness and next cut in numerous shapes.) Furthermore, if you prefer a wider section of granite (in excess of 2 feet wide), the expenses rise considerably. And then, obviously, there is the expense of installment, which often can cost a few more dollars per inch.

Benefits of Granite Counter tops – Granite is nature’s ideal counter top. It has been developed naturally over millions of years and for that reason, has a hard, typically impervious work surface, even though it has to be sealed. You’ll be able to drop items on it, beat it, whack it and, unless there is a problem within it, you won’t harm it.

Drawbacks of Granite Counter tops – You’re going to get a small seam wherever the various slabs of granite are placed together. Furthermore, in the event the granite should fracture due to the fact it wasn’t installed correctly, there is nothing that you can do about this with the exception of replacing it. Installing granite requires a professional, which means you will not likely need to be undertaking this yourself.

You will have to seal granite immediately after it is installed to prevent having water along with other elements leak directly into it and discolor it. You will probably need to re-seal it on a yearly basis. This isn’t a tedious or complex procedure and it will only take a couple of hours. Keep in mind, you will need to take care of the surface area all of the time.

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