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Coaching Tools Ways to Share Your Coaching with Potential Clients

Give your coaching clients the information they desire in an interesting and captivating fashion. Coaching clients are interested in getting information that can help them achieve their goals and solve their problems. As a coach, it is you job to provide hungry consumers with the product they desire.

There are several types of content that will always attract readers and hold their interest so I would like to go over a few of them to help you with some ideas to get started.

How To

People always want to know how to do something and if you can help them learn how to do what they want to do then you will begin a lasting relationship with your readers. A great way to find out what readers want to know how to do is to type the word “how” and a keyword for your target coaching niche into Google Keyword Tool and let it do your work for you. The Keyword tool will come up with commonly searched phrases like “how to date”, “how to change jobs”, “how to get a new job” and more.


Reviews are a great way to start writing because it is always easy to analyze someone else’s work. Find a recent book or course by a famous person in your target coaching niche and write a review on it.

Tell people what you think of the report, book, or course using your own language and personal style. Tell people what you liked, what you like best and why. Also, let them know what you did not like and why. Be kind but be honest when you write your reviews and remember it is OK to criticize the work but not the person.

Quick Tips

You can write a short blog post or article that includes several quick tips on how to do something or how to avoid something. All of your writing does not have to be long or information packed. You can write short article and blog posts that cover a few quick points that will interest your readers.

Lists of New or Popular Things

Making a list of useful items, website, tools or information is a top notch way to gain your readers interest and to get them to view you as a resource. Writing an article that lists the ten best ways to look for a job would be a great article for a transition coach. Seven foods to avoid is a great article for a health coach.

You can use the word “best” or “top” along with a keyword for your target coaching niche and find what your target coaching niche would like to have information on in the form of a list.

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