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Commercial Showers Benefit People in All Types of Areas and Organizations

Bradley commercial showers are designed to be customized to a highly diverse range of environments. Individual shower systems can be surface mounted, recessed mounted, or corner mounted.

There are specific basic types available, each of which is applicable to any number of organizations and applications. Each of these basic types, in turn, can be further customized for additional service options and privacy needs. .
Column mounted showers are used by the military, warehousing industry, petro-chemical plants, fabrication yards, general care hospitals, mental health hospitals, sports facilities, and schools of all kinds.

Beach showers are a specialized form of column shower that is used by outdoor swimming pools, public beaches, summer camps, and national parks.
Privacy wall mounted showers are used indoors to optimize space.

Column commercial showers are the most sophisticated of the three types and offer the greatest number of customization options. They are ideal for use indoors where privacy is necessary. They can be plumbed with hot and cold mixing valves so people can get an ideal temperature range.

Shower options include stainless steel privacy partitions, shower curtains, and hooks for hanging personal belongings.

One industry that relies heavily on these showers is the chemical industry. The atmosphere in any chemical plant is going to contain particles that should not be left on the skin for any long period of time.

Safety gear and clothing do not completely protect against these particles because they are in the air itself. Installing commercial showers safeguards against health problems and protects a business from liability.

Another industry that absolutely must have column showers is the athletic facilities business. Any public gym or athletic training center needs fully plumbed showers that provide athletes with privacy and a convenient place to hang athletic clothing and gear while they are washing off.

Beach commercial showers are essential to the realm of outdoor entertainment. They are open, standalone units that have only cold water. They can be fitted with anywhere from 1 to 6 shower heads, with optional dividers for privacy between each station.

These showers are needed by people coming off the beach where they have been swimming or laying out all day. A quick shower removes salt and grime from the skin that could otherwise dry it out.

People swimming in lakes also need to take a shower after a dip because lakes often contain fresh water microbes that are not good for the skin, ears, nose, or throat.

Hikers in national parks are exposed to dirt and pollens in the air that can cause allergic reactions for some. Kids in summer camp need to wash off after a hard day of activities.

Public swimming pools will also serve themselves to install beach showers so people can shower before getting into the pool with others. This can be a selling point for a pool looking to give small children swimming lessons, so it is well worth the investment.

In places where space is very limited, privacy showers are used. These versatile commercial showers are designed to mount either directly into the wall or into a column and typically service between 1 and 3 users. However, they can be outfitted to handle up to 6 users if need be.

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