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Complexities of Web Design Careers

A web designer job description can be a complex thing. There are many types of web designers, and each has different responsibilities and goals. Despite this, there are a number of similarities between all web designers.

A web designer is a person who creates websites for clients. Often the client will contact the designer directly and request a number of visuals and functions to be placed on the site. The designer will then create the website and ask for feedback from the client. When the client is happy with the final project, the job is done.

Though this web designer job description seems pretty simplistic, there are many more aspects to a web designer’s job. For example, a web designer must brainstorm what the look of the actual website will be. Since the client can only describe what he/she wants, the designer must translate these requests into a website. In other words, a designer must create the website of the client’s dreams almost completely from nothing.

Because of this, a lot of the job is a matter of problem solving. After completing a draft of the website design, the designer will often ask the client what might need fixing. This is to ensure that the final product is what the client actually wanted.

A web designer’s job relies heavily on coding. Almost all websites created now are written in hypertext markup language (HTML). Though there are a number of other coding languages as well, they are often used in conjunction with HTML or a version of it. A web designer uses these languages to build websites from templates or from scratch.

Web designers are also responsible for adding graphics and images to the site. The client will often provide the designer with image files that should be included in the design, and the designer must decide how to integrate them. Many websites use not only images, but video and animations. The designer is responsible for adding these as needed as well.

There are a number of other functions that a web designer might need to include in the site as well. These functions will generally depend upon what type of site the client requests. For example, a website for a retail company will most likely want to include an online store to their website. A photographer will want a gallery where his/her work can be displayed. Many organizations will want visitors on their site the ability to create an account and/or upload files. It is a web designers job to make sure the website contains all of these features.

However, creating a website is not just about giving the client a presence on the internet. One of the most important points in a web designer job description is to make websites that are attractive. A web designer must play the role of artist and make sure the site is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Clients will not be satisfied with an unattractive website, so it is imperative that web designers know how to make a website pretty.

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