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Concrete Sealers Extend The Life And Enhance The Beauty Of Hardscapes

Concrete is the most versatile and durable material ever developed with almost unlimited applications. From ground surface applications of streets, sidewalks, driveways, patios, and foundations to vertical applications of building walls, retaining walls, highway dividers, and more, concrete is a material that is so a part of our environment that it is easily taken for granted.

Though it is tough and durable, concrete is not indestructible. It is a porous material so fluids can seep into the pores, resulting in damage including stains, deterioration, and cracks. Water damage from freezing and thawing cycles will open and extend cracks in the concrete over time. Absorbed oil from vehicles, emission residues, and ground in dirt result in unappealing stains that can be very difficult to remove. Protecting the concrete surface with sealers will extend the life and appearance of the material and prevent the need for costly replacement earlier than necessary.

Concrete sealers create a protective barrier to “waterproof” the surface of the concrete. Instead of absorbing into the porous material, water and other liquids are suspended on the surface to evaporate or wash away. Staining liquids and grime, even spray-painted graffiti, cannot penetrate the surface, making the concrete surface easy to clean. Mildew and algae cannot access the concrete pores to grow colonies and corrosive de-icing salts won’t penetrate, helping to prevent freeze-thaw cycle deterioration.

In addition to providing a protective surface to concrete, sealers enhance the beauty of the finish with an attractive sheen. The colors in decorative concrete applications, pavers, and aggregate surfaces are enriched and sealed surfaces are more resistant to wear and fading, further extending the life and beauty of the surfaces. Sealing paver surfaces has the added benefit of deterring the growth of weeds between the pavers by stabilizing the joint sand. The appearance of any hardscape can be improved with maintenance requirements reduced with sealing.

Sealers can last effectively for three to seven years for as little as $2.00 per square foot, depending on circumstances and conditions such as climate, traffic, and use requirements and the type of sealer used. Sealers are useful for protecting more than ground surface concrete, pavers, and aggregates. Sealers will extend the life of retaining walls as well, preventing costly damage from elements. For any residential, commercial, and municipal applications, sealers are a cost-effective solution to reduce the damaging effects of weather and chemicals, reduce labor costs in maintenance, and improve the appearance of any hardscape.

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