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Configuring WordPress Permalinks for Increased Site Traffic

To get more visitor traffic to land on one’s blog, search engines must be able to pinpoint to the location of that blog, through a link, when a keyword is searched. Many bloggers configure their blogs in order to achieve maximum number of website visitors. Making ones link appear in search engine results is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. IF you are working with WordPress, to maximize SEO benefit – configuring WordPress is important.

Configuring WordPress blog is also important by putting quality word content into the material. Search engines examine and compare all the parts and pieces to give a good score. Think of what searchers may type on the search engine. It is important to think about the words or phrase that a searcher may use to find the information contained in the blog, use those words and phrase more than once but not excessively. Put the theme of the content of the blog near the top because most search engines do not go beyond one-third of the article in looking for matches before proceeding to the next article.

Another way to optimize WordPress blog is by configuring WordPress permalinks by logging in to WordPress admin panel, choosing Options then to Permalinks. Choose Custom Structure and enter /%postname%/ to make the link and remember to save the changes. To add the category name to the blog’s URL, enter /%category%/%postname%/ when customizing the permalink structure.

Configuring WordPress blog titles also plays a major role in Search Engine Optimization. Most people scanning search result pages often notice the early words first. Key words should be at the start of the listing to have better chances of being clicked on. This has already been proven.

Configuring WordPress is an effective means of significantly increasing the number of visitors from the search engine going to one’s blog. There are many WordPress elements that can be configured in maximizing one’s blog. First are the basic technical configurations which are the simplest yet give the highest rewards such as: permalink, optimization of Titles, of descriptions, of more texts, and of images. Other optimizations include: template, advanced technical optimization, altering blog’s structure, and conversion optimization by getting readers to subscribe, comment optimization by getting the audience to involve, and follow the commenter even on other websites.

Blogging is more than just writing, it is a strategy if one wants to get the desired audience traffic. Another way to be on top of the search engines’ list is through Search Engine Marketing but why pay when one, genius and creativity, can optimize his scores with search engines and may someday become a search engine favourite. The simplest tweaks can give the most positive results in configuring WordPress.

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